Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sushi-MIA, Farmin', Birthday-STUCK!

My My enjoyed her 4th BUTTERFLY party with her friends to include a butterfly cake (yes, I made it) and pinata! Then last Sunday, we were blessed to have both sets of grandparents come up to the farm. Here is the birthday girl with my dad-her PAPA!
The Captains parents with all the kids! It was also our celebration for my MIL's birthday!The Captain started some farm work while the weather was decent this week-it is now 10 degrees here! Our big bus was in the shop ALL WEEK getting the drivers side window fixed (can't hardly enjoy SONIC HAPPY HOUR when the window doesn't roll down)-the replacement car??? A CROWN VICTORIA... Not exactly a car for all 8 of us.
The Captain was working ground with the plow at our new farm (6 miles away) when a pin broke and we had to go pick he and WY WY up. They are the dot on the below picture.
For any other farm wives out there...when farm equipment breaks..IT AIN'T GOOD IS IT?
PICTURE THIS... So, I loaded up the littles in the CROWN VIC and headed to pick the boys up-ALL 8 of us crammed in a Crown Vic-on gravel roads, IT WAS A SIGHT TO SEE PEOPLE! NO, there weren't enough seat belts for all but rules are MUCH DIFFERENT on the farm. Thank God I got my car back last night before The Cap left for work this a.m. So we will once again be driving safely.

My boys seem to get stuck everywhere. What possesses them to do these things?
One more thing...As I went in to brush my teeth this a.m. this is what I found..

I love it when the kids help me put away groceries! I think Aw-Bell got confused somewhere between the Q-tips and the sushi! Since we can't get sushi here, we use these kits to make our own-we live on this stuff! Maybe she thought the BBQ sauce was toothpaste? Who knows!

Have a blessed weekend!


momto12 said...

Your other boys and your dh seem to have "regular" boy hair cuts, why does Wy Wy have the long hair? Just curious - one of our 6 sons "HATED" his hair getting cut - he would literally melt down. He is 11 and still does not like it but at least does not melt down!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Oh Jenn - I can't even imagine the Crown car with so many crammed in! Too funny about the sushi and BBQ sauce!

Blessings and love!

Midwest Mommy said...

OMG! Those pictures of him stuck between the cabinets, lol, how did that even happen!!

Beth in NC said...

LOL ... the pics of the boys stuck. Too funny.

Happy birthday to My My. Very delicious looking cake! Yum!

Jen said...

that last picture is cracking me up!!!

Amanda said...

I personally found the thought of not being able to roll the window down at Sonic most serious:) Thank goodness it's fixed! (lol) Aren't boys the silliest?? Mine have gotten stuck in some crazy places too. I loved the cake! Super girly:) Hope the weather gets a little warmer for you! 10 is a tad bit cold!! said...

Oh my, never had one get stuck in a strange place. Looks pretty miserable!

Sushi flossin' is the wave of the future. You are taking "green" to the next level!


trina said... the butterfly cake. Sweet..funny pics. Too,too funny.

Angela :-) said...

Hey now, you must be spoiled. LOL My driver's side window hasn't worked for awhile--I just open the door! I'd rather spend the $200 we were quoted to have it fixed on something else.

(BTW, in case you care, Sonic was on the boycott list as an abortion supporter last time I checked. FYI, so were Ebay & Paypal. Ugh!)

Angela :-)

Megan Roller said...

Wow! How did Wyatt even get in between there? That is crazy; but he is so cute! I want to come see you guys soon! [=