Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm LATE in joining Kelly on Friday but OH WELL. We've had the sickies here. Go check out her site to see more Master Bedrooms-its a great way to get ideas!Here is a picture from taken from my chaise lounge. To the right is the closet and the door on the left is the master bath. My camera has been putting these weird white circles in all my pictures? Anyone know what that is?
This picture is taken from the master bath. Our room is red with one wall and the ceiling covered in pine car siding-I LOVE IT! We have a door to the outside (on the right) where The Captain is in the process of building us a little deck. To go out and read my Bible or just chill in the morning. Our room is on the OPPOSITE side of the house from all kids bedrooms :) I designed it that way! The door on the left leads to the great room.Our bed, not quite big enough BUT in our old house, a KING BED would not have fit in our bedroom so we are stuck with this queen.
It does NOT WORK when little ones trickle in during the night. YES-WE MAKE OUR BED EVERY DAY-can't stand not to!
Our 2 bedside tables were made by my FIL and his brother when they took wood shop in school-they are very special!
The lamp is made out of a twisted rusty iron-a FAB find at Gordmans!
Goes with my rustic decor perfectly! This is where I sit and do my devotions every night. I LOVE this chaise-as I've said before... The Captain hates it! But loves me enough to let it be in our room!
I am looking for a great lamp and table to go beside it-haven't found the perfect items yet!This is the view from my bedroom out into our great room.
NO KIDS ALLOWED IN OUR BEDROOM EVER unless they are nursing!This is the view out my bedroom window.
The Captain will soon be on the combine cutting this golden wheat!Hope you enjoyed the tour!
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Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Beautiful room! I love the colors!

Midwest Mommy said...

Your home is so nice.
The white spot is most likely a small water spot on the lens. Get a lens cloth and it should take care of it.

Spike and Tuna Jones said...

your style is my style... I can not wait to show these to Terrell!Love the ceilings. Probably my favorite part. And yes the wheat is really relaxing to look at theought eh window. I think I shall pay you a visit still this summer. Any ideas on when would be best???

Cheryl said...

Even though I've been to your house twice, it's neat to see everything now that it's done (as far as I can tell anyway). You have a beautiful house. And you're a pretty darn good decorator too :o)

John Deere Mom said...

We started wheat yesterday! :) Love your bedroom...and I love that you don't let kids in it!

Sandy Toes said...

What a beautiful room..I love the ceiling!
sandy toe

Sarah Dawn said...

Jen, Thanks for sharing a piece of your life and home with us. I love the color, the view, and the wood! What a joy to have a special place for your quiet times.

Besiots (little kisses in Spanish),
Sarah Dawn

Andrea said...

Beautiful! Sorry I missed the give away, but I think you are a perfect choice for the award! Blessings

sportzmom said...

Beautiful and I love the chaise!