Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Days Full of Blessings...

Here's the SWEETEST-Our baby Nineya at 28 weeks 2 days!

Another blessing to still be "cooking" her!
Me at 28 weeks.
It takes literally sweat, tears and tons of effort to get showered,
dressed and put makeup on these days!

The only time I really leave the house is to go to church, on a car ride to Sonic with the family or to my OB appointments.

GOD REALLY blessed me by bringing one of my BFF's since age 3-Jen aka ISAIAH'S MOM
coincidentally into the same town where my OB appointment was yesterday!
OH it felt so good to see her!

My cousin "B" blessed us with her presence Saturday and Sunday.
I truly felt relaxed. I napped in my bed. WITH earplugs in.

She & the kids made these gorgeous flowers for me, drew with side walk chalk, read books AND MUCH MORE!

She also washed and put on ALL the kids bedding, cooked, did dishes & SO MUCH MORE!
While I layed their like a slug.
It was SO NICE to have another adult to talk to while I am on bed rest and
The Captain is away.

Thank you B for the gift of time you gave our family- WE LOVE YOU!

We've also been blessed with MEALS!
As you know I am on modified bedrest until the birth of baby Nineya.
We got 3 meals last week while The Captain was away and my church will be bringing meals from now until Nineya gets here on the weeks he is away.
 I am so humbled and blessed and this truly IS help I needed but wouldn't have asked for so THANK YOU to our church family!

I am sorry I haven't been keeping up on reading all my favorite blogs but I can't sit at the computer like I used to. I promise I will get back to reading and commenting one day.

I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO my Baby Shower on Saturday!

Oh, and I cry over ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING these days.


Kristin said...

Jen, I am so thankful to hear that she is still "cooking"! I am also glad to hear that you have such wonderful help. I wish I was closer, the kids and I would load up and play with your troops!

Alicia_B said...

What a doll! You look fabulous!

trina said...

What a sweet picture. Amazing! And you do look wonderful..so cute. I've enjoyed your new pics as we watch little person grow and grow inside you. Totally amazing.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praise God she is still cooking!

You look great Jenn!

blessings and love,

MyLinda said...

You look AMAZING!! What a blessing to have friends and family to help out with the kiddos, cooking, etc. Can't wait to see what great goodies you get at your shower!

Mandi said...

I'm so glad to hear your friends and family are blessing you and that you are allowing them to do so. :) Have fun at your baby shower!

The Brothers said...

I want to bring you guys a meal! But I'm afraid it would be a bit cold by the time I got there :(