Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Our first CHRISTmas (married)-2002~

2 more blessings added in 2004!

3 blessings added in 2005!
& 2006 Card

Another blessing added in 2007!



AND YET ANOTHER Blessing in 2010!

Looking back at these cards shows JUST HOW evident CHRIST'S LOVE is!
Brings tears to my eyes and WARMTH to my heart!

THE WARMTH of the GIFTS ONLY HE could give!
The Gift of adoption.
The adoption of US as HIS children..
The Gifts of our children-entrusted to us as their earthly parents.
SO MUCH to take in isn't it?


AND, If you are looking for a way to display your CHRISTmas cards this year, here is what we did with ours!
Didn't cost a dime and I LOVE IT!
The letters are in a basket at the bottom of the tree, just realized it could pass for a stem!
Despite The Captains opposition, I keep the pictures up until NEXT CHRISTmas!
I LOVE looking at them ALL YEAR!



Christina said...

I love the card display! I still have some on my fridge from last year ;)

Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Wonderful post!!!!

quilt-n-mama said...

Beautiful! I love seeing your family grow through the years and this years card is awesome!

ps- I sent you a quick email friend!

Jenifer said...

Great pics! You are certianly blessed by God!

Room for More said...

LOVELY!!! Thank you for sharing!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love all your past cards. Beautiful the way your family has grown!!!! Many Blessings & pray you have a very BLESSED CHRISTMAS :)

Love the pictures on the wall with the lights!!

Nelly said...

Loved seeing all the past cards and a wonderful Idea. You have a beautiful family!!!!

Shelly said...

Such a BEAUTIFUL family you have, and how amazing seeing how everyone has grown over the years! Hope you all have a most blessed holiday season! :)

Cheryl said...

I loved looking at all the past Christmas cards. I hope Caty's ornament arrived safely...tell her Kylee and Josh love her and give her a hug from us! Have a Merry Christmas! God Bless! :o)

Farm Chick said...

What a beautiful family!

Mama in Uganda said...

Wow, how amazing.

I too love looking back through our family photos over the years. The Lord has definitely grown us--not just in number but in Himself as well.

Thanks for sharing.


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Jenn- isn't it amazing to see how far God has taken our families? I love looking back and seeing the hand of God clearly building our family one child at a time!

Much love to you and yours!!!

Jen said...

You are truly blessed.

Merry Christmas.

*Overflowing* said...

Too fun to see your past cards!!! Love watching your family grow!!

mamamargie said...

Fun to see how your family has grown. God has truly blessed all of you!