Thursday, May 26, 2011

SMALL HAUL-couponing...

We live in a fairly "remote" area. One hour from anything but Wally World and a small grocery store.  If I can save money here in PO DUNK USA, you guys can surely save it in the big city! For those of you that have WALGREENS, Chain grocery stores that double/triple coupons AND CVS-you are BLESSED! I would be saving TONS more if we had these stores & discounts!

I'll admit, I used to think couponers were a little "weird."
Now I know they are...

Some of you have sent me an email asking how it is done.. I went to THE KRAZY COUPON LADYS BLOG and started reading where it says "beginners" up at the top..

I asked my family to start collecting/sending me any coupons they didn't want and I simply buy 2 Sunday Kansas City Papers.

I started cutting coupons and putting them in a binder with baseball card holders (all found at Wally). I bought tabs, inserted and separated the tabs by my local Wal-Mart aisles (since that is really the largest most convenient and frequented store I shop at).

Wal-Mart allows price matching and will beat any competitors prices. That's how we save money here. We collect all the ads from the larger cities around us and simply take them in to Wal-Mart-They give you the lower price. THE TRICK IS, to add your coupons ON TOP OF THIS! That is when you save TONS! It does take organization & time but well worth it..

I did a "small haul" at Wal-Mart today stacking coupons and price matching.

TOTAL before PM (price-matching) and Q's (coupons)
$24.67 before tax
6 bottles of salad dressing
4 bottles ketchup
4 packs of hot dogs
2 bottles of cleaner
1 package of gum
1 package of razors

GRAND TOTAL....... $8.75
64% Savings my friends..
On stuff we really use!

Savings of $15.92!

It's a really is!
Why have I not done this before now?



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Just started couponing myself!!! Started stocking up just in the last couple of days- love the BOGOS with coupons too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am taking a class on June 20th for couponing too :) YEAH!!! Love saving money!!!! HELPS a lot :)

quilt-n-mama said...

that is awesome! I like you struggle because we live remote without all the stores with tons of coupons but you encouraged me to try harder!

Adeye said...

Wooohoooo....that's so amazing! I'm just starting to get into it now. Food is just so ridiculously expensive. I need one of those binders :)

Renata said...

Love it!!! Still lamenting that there's no such thing as coupons over here, but glad you could save so much! Well done!
Have a great day

Jen said...

What great tips in hard times!
Jen (Adoptive mom & new follower)
..because Life IS a Poem!

Jen said...

That is pretty awesome and I like that its for things that you will use. :)

Shonni said...

I’m very impressed, and I must learn from you!!

Shonni said...

ps...I’m glad that I “found” you again...I’m not sure why, but I “lost” your blog for awhile!

Farm Chick said...

I may have to learn to do this!

Chelsea said...

None of the stores in WA state (Seattle area at least) will let you stack coupons :( and we don't have CVS. I tried some of those coupon sites and none of the coupons worked around here or they weren't for things I buy. I wish I could save that much money! Kudos to you :). I know you guys don't watch much TV but they have a show on TLC called "extreme couponing". I watched it one time and it was pretty sickening. It was basically a hording show. The people on there had so much stuff in their houses! (one family bought about 50 containers of mustard in one shopping trip! It would take about 20 years for a family of 4 to use that much mustard!!) I think it would be really cool if the dedicated couponers donated the extra stuff to food banks instead of stockpiling it.

*Overflowing* said...

LOVE's been a while since I couponed but I'm thinking it may be time to start again!

Sharla said...

I just started too. I live in Canada and there are no stores here that double or triple coupons, but I decided to give it a try as we have a big family (7 kids) and I needed to do SOMETHING to cut down on the grocery bills. It has been so much fun and it's amazing what I've saved. I've also been collecting some items that I've gotten for free with the coupons (shaving cream, formula, cat food, deodorant) to make into care packages to bless other families.

I'm glad to see that you've found a way to make it work for you too even though you live in a small community.