Sunday, February 12, 2012

IT WORKS! I LOST 4 1/2 inches in 45 minutes!!

I NEVER would have believed it worked but it is THE TRUTH! I went to my first wrap party this past Friday night. I admit I was very skeptical but excited to try it!

I got the wrap applied to my stomach after being measured in 3 areas and marked with a sharpie. I waited 45 minutes as the other party guests got wrapped. After 45 minutes, my wrap was removed and I was remeasured. I LOST 4 1/2 INCHES in 45 MINUTES! NO LIE!!

The wrap was then reapplied and I wore it home, put my spanx on and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I took off the wrap and tossed it & THE CAPTAIN remeasured me at the exact same sharpie marks and I had lost almost 2 more inches! The wild part was that he NOTICED a PHYSICAL difference in my stomach. He wanted me to JUMP ON BOARD and sell the wraps right away (which I will also be using on him :) SO I DID! I signed on as a distributor and already have 3 LOYAL CUSTOMERS (customers who commit to buy any one item from ITWORKS for 3 months)
As of this morning, I have lost 8 total inches. The wraps can be applied to belly, rear, legs, arms, neck/chin area. There is also a facial one.

You will see the effects of using just ONE WRAP for up to 72 hours and keep the inches off for 2-6 months. You CAN re-wrap after 72 hours if you want to but I will most likely just do it once a month.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! The pictures below are not of me but of an actual ITWORKS client!

The wrap is all natural. It has all natural ingredients on it. To me it felt like Vicks on my belly when I was wrapped and gave a cooling sensation.

Here is the video of how to apply the wrap.

 I can POP one in the mail to anyone interested!
Let me just tell you I signed 2 people up to purchase these (Loyal Customers) on a regular basis already in just 12 hours time!

This product is SELLING LIKE HOT CAKES and I had to share it with you! IT SELLS ITSELF!!!

If you have been thinking about making a bit of extra money on the side, this may be for you!
Feel free to check out the wraps on my ITWORKS PAGE!

OR EMAIL ME with any interest or questions!

It is so neat to see God present me with this opportunity to do something fun on the side (because you all KNOW I'm BORED and have nothing to do right LOL) with other Christian women on my team where I get to interact with some awesome people and have a small business for myself!

Giving him all the praise for this awesome new side job of mine that has stirred up so much excitement!


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