Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 IS ALL I NEED!!! Could it be you?

We are asking YOU A FAVOR!!

We are trying to reach a BIG GOAL with our company this month!!!!!! ALL we need is 5 more people on our EXPLODING TEAM by tomorrow at 11:59 EST!!! Could it be you? The $99 we spent to get in this business has CHANGED OUR LIVES FOREVER and the lives of our children. 

We just ask that if you have THOUGHT ABOUT joining our team... JUMP ON BOARD NOW!!!


SEND US A MESSAGE TODAY at or call us 785-562-7651

We would LOVE to have you on our team and we would help you each step of the way to be successful! 
We can't even BELIEVE how blessed we are. Since Matt's death, our income with us BOTH being It Works distributors has allowed us the freedom to be with Brooke whenever we need to be. We had noone to report in to to see if we could take time off to go to Matt's funeral.  BROOKE, NICK and MYSELF all received the $10,000 G.O.O.D. (get out of debt) Bonus from IT WORKS. WE are SO BLESSED THAT Brooke also has a large income from IT WORKS so she can take off the time SHE NEEDS to grieve Matt's loss..
SO EXCITED to see where God will take us next!!! Could it be to your house to get YOU STARTED on your path to financial freedom??


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bearhugs2u said...

thank you proud of you...and I DO love you MORE!