Monday, February 16, 2015

NEW YEAR, NEW ME and YOU, Time for a Life change!!

It's that time of year!!! People are wanting to make changes to their Health and Wealth!! Maybe you are wanting to get thinner?? Maybe you are needing an extra income for your family!!!!
Now is the time that our It Works Business is BOOMING with new customers and Team Mates!!

Do you or anyone you know need to slim down? I want to share with you my results!! The first pictures on the left were taken on December 26 and the AFTER on the right on January 30!! What a BIG CHANGE in just over a month! I'm down 20 pounds in the picture and even more now!!!

Here are my results after using A FULL TREATMENT of our amazing IT WORKS SKINNY WRAPS!!! I am absolutely THRILLED with my results!! These wraps are 4 for $59 as a customer OR for just $40 more you can get the same 4 wraps and OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! I can't even believe that one $99 decision changed my life and my family's legacy.

We are now open in NEW ZEALAND and have a small team growing there! SO EXCITING!!

I have SO MANY FRIENDS going for so many of the big DOUBLE G.O.O.D. (Get out of debt) bonuses!! The company has DOUBLED the bonuses from where they were last year and I've seen these bonuses change hundreds of thousands of lives and families!!

Do you know anyone who needs and extra $500?
We also have a BRAND NEW BONUS OUT!!! $500 bonus in your first 2 months!!!
This is a very attainable bonus and I would LOVE to mentor you and help you get started!

Please EMAIL ME or VISIT MY WEBSITE to get signed up or request more information!!

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