Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Where is your True Identity? YOU ARE AWESOME!

This has been bubbling up inside me for days... 

 Comparison is the devil's playground. It is the thief of joy. I'll admit I've been letting him slither in like a snake in some areas of my life. He loves to make us think we aren't good enough. Whether it's as a wife, mother, friend or in our business. He want's us to think we aren't doing enough. Aren't smart enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, moving fast enough. He sends people in to make us question what we are doing in our lives. He makes us look to the left and the right when we should be looking UP. As soon as things seem to be going smooth, we are happy, healthy, loving and grateful, our business is booming, he steps in. He wants to pound us down like a sledge hammer on top of our heads. Sometimes it feels like we can't climb away from the grips of sadness and negativity. Don't let him get ya. 

 Go back to the TRUTH. Go back to where your TRUE IDENTITY LIES. In Christ alone. CORNERSTONE. He's my rock. I've learned one very important thing. It is VITAL that I spend time alone with HIM each day to let him know my cares, prayers and concerns. When I do that, he honors that immensely and my day runs smooth and I'm able to take on the trials of each day with boldness and His strength behind me. When I don't do that, my day flat out STINKS. 

God has a job for YOU. A job that no one else can do. Out of billions of applicants, only one is qualified and has the right combination of what it takes. YOU are special. YOU are right where He wants you. Fearfully and WONDERFULLY MADE. His PERFECT CREATION. PERIOD! YOU are the SON or DAUGHTER of the KING OF KINGS!! Now let's start acting like it!! Today I CHOOSE JOY!!! I CHOOSE HAPPINESS! I choose to live with the Fruits of the spirit in me and the Armour of God all around me!!! How about you??

Let's go ROCK OUT TODAY!!!

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