Saturday, November 22, 2008


Meet Malinche.... Our ADORABLY SWEET DOLPHIN we met in Cozumel, Mexico! I just got the pictures back today. If ANYONE has a chance to do this with your kids this is THE BOMB! She is 10 years old-dolphins live be 50..I had NO idea they could live this long!

Nick is tired of me saying "Once in a lifetime experience" But it truly was! Our kids got to kiss, dance with and get up close and personal with Malinche.

God truly made a Gorgeous animal when he created the dolphin! Thank you God for dolphins!

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Stacey said...

those pictures are incredible. i have to say i am very jealous!!! swimming with dolphins is something i have always wanted to do. i totally agree with you the money is worth it for the looks on their faces. how priceless are those pics!!!???
PS i think i forgot to answer your question on your last hubby works for disney, we get 40% off cruises!! our vacation in January is 60% off the resorts and dining plan for 50% off. if it were any cheaper to go, they'd pay us to come down there!! :) let me know if you're ever interested....