Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids are thankful for...................
Brendan........Air, Water, Food
Tori.....My House, My Friends, My Animals
Myah......Our Toys, God, Mommy
Caty......Mommy, Daddy, Colors
Wyatt......Tractors, Juice, Daddy
Jett...........Daddy, Juice, Night Night
The kids had a WONDERFUL surprise walk through the door about 3:30pm today-DADDY!! He got to come home from work a whole day early and surprised them! As you can see they are very THANKFUL!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM MY TURKEY'S TO YOURS! May you all have a blessed day!
The only thing missing today was Brooke :(
She is with her boyfriends family today! We miss you Brooke!

Also....SO EXCITED that I actually get to make it to BLACK FRIDAY in the morning-Tori and I will head out at 3 or 4am to hit KOHL'S!


Jill said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I love the turkey that the children made. We made thanksgiving cards for my in-laws with all the things they were thankful for. They turned out really cute too!

Oh what a sweet picture of the kids with your husband! Glad he made it home early and in time to celebrate with all of you!

God bless and hugs!

Corrine said...

Hope that your bargain shopping went well! Every penny counts this year!!!

What a beautiful gaggle of turkeys you have!

Whittaker Woman said...

Wow! Love the family! And to have dad come home a whole day early that is so great. Hope you had a great day! H