Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a busy day bouncing back from Thanksgiving & Black Friday! Busy packing, cleaning and getting ready for our trip to NYC. Thank goodness, Good Ol' Charlie Brown is still on the boob tube and a hit with all kids! Our 6 littles sat mesmerized while we finished our last minute packing. Wyatt is sacked out under his blankie!
The 2 baby boys will go to one friends house, 2 little girls to another and the older 2 to Grandma and Papa's!

Of course you can't leave town without some kind of major stress or emergency :) Jett fell on our granite counter top earlier and split his chin wide open! Thankfully, my friend Gayle came down and watched the kids so both Nick and I could go watch our super human doctor put super human super glue on his chinny chin chin! Praise God for no shot or stitches (brings back traumatizing last trip to ER with Wyatt being wrapped in what the ER DR called "the human burrito" while he received shots and stitches)-whoever invented this SUPER HUMAN SUPER SKIN GLUE is surely SUPER RICH!Please Keep us all in your prayers as we travel away from our babies (VERY TOUGH) We will talk you all you beautiful blogging people when we return!


Amy said...

Please travel safely and have fun!! Thank goodness for super glue :) Tell him chicks dig scars. LOL!

Mandi said...

Have a wonderful time!
Poor glad his trip to the doctor wasn't too traumatizing.

Anonymous said...

Travel safe, you'll be in our prayers!
Please let us know when the show will be on.

Stacey said...

praying for a safe journey and peace while you're away from your babies. have a great time!!

Jill said...

So excited for you! Praying every step of the trip for you!

Enjoy the time together and trusting in God's plan to have you there!

Glad Jett is OK! Oh the joy of boys I say at least once a day! Yours was the chin - ours was a crack right above the eye - looks like Rockie!

Hugs and blessings - Jill

creative gal said...

Have a blessed trip! Dermabond is the best invention ever!

Kristine said...

So glad you commented on my blog because now I've found yours! You and your family are an inspiration, and I plan on following your journey! Can't wait to see you on Tyra! : )