Friday, November 21, 2008


All our days seem this way...Wild yet NORMAL for us!

I was gone all day with a friend shopping and "hanging out." We live quite a ways from anything except Wal-Mart so if someone is "going to the big city" we often go together or pick things up for each other that we can't get here. Thank God for on-line shopping! ANYWAY... I had to get 2 of the kids social security numbers changed over into their new adopted names before taxes so off I went. It was a good day but every time I go anywhere, I feel "rushed."

I arrived home late afternoon and helped dad get all the kids dressed so we could take B & T to a birthday party (which was about a 30 minute drive). Then on to take the 4 littles out to eat. We got the kids dropped off and Wyatt said "Dad, you're driving fast, makes me have to pee pee." (Actually he was NOT driving fast but driving on gravel.)

We arrive at Pizza Hut and start to unload and Nick feels the wetness as he unstraps Wyatt's car seat EWWW! Not just a little pee pee but more like a gusher! The only clothes I had on hand were a pink sweater and pink/blue striped girl pants so we WERE just going to put them on him until he nearly had a heart attack "I CAN'T WEAR GIRL PANTS!" So there goes my DEAR HUSBAND running across the parking lot of Pizza Hut, Running across the super Wal-Mart parking lot and he disappeared into the night. All 5 of us waited in anticipation for SUPER DAD to return. He finally came back-we got the new clothes on and ate our quiet family dinner-just the 6 of us! OKAY so there was NOTHING quiet about it :)

I am thankful for all 7 of my children tonight, my SUPER HUSBAND and my WILD LIFE!

It has been wonderful having Nick home for 3 weeks on vacation. We put our REAL FAKE Christmas tree up yesterday since he will be gone for Thanksgiving. He leaves tomorrow SO, I am off to Wal-Mart RIGHT NOW to make my weekly shopping trip & I'm tired. I have to double/triple check my list since all I buy tonight will have to last a week until he gets home and darn it... I ALWAYS forget SOMETHING! That is unless I want to drag 6 kids into Wally World and that is NOT FUN..TRUST ME! Good night, God Bless and have a great weekend!

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Mandi said...

What an exciting life you must lead! Never a dull moment. (: