Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Bee, Busy ME!!....

We got our first snow of the season yesterday-about 3 inches. Wyatt has a GREAT sense of style, Here he is in his tank top, shorts and John Deere boots gazing out at the snow. WHAT COULD BE SWEETER? We do not make a big deal out of clothing in our house, we are LUCKY to get the little stinkers dressed at all. Clothing is optional for those 4 and under in our house for sanity's sake (there Beth, I admitted it :). It's been just TOO brutally cold to take the 6 littles outside so our last few days have been filled with stress, I mean psycho mom, OH, I mean beautiful memories crafting and cooking with my 6 lovely youngest children.

When I think of Christmas THE FIRST COOKIE that comes to mind is the all famous Candy Cane Cookie, made famous by my sweet mother, my also sweet Aunt Christy & Betty Crocker. The cookies however are not the sweetest. That's what's SO GOOD about them!

I forgot how much work it was to roll out each little candy cane and put it together-Tori gave it the good ol' college try and finally got it right! Aunt Christy, I did make an "adjustment" in the recipe and switched out the white flour for whole wheat-I figure if they are gonna' eat 400 cookies each they may as well be as healthy as possible right? It did make the white in the cane a "TINGE" tan but the kids were clueless!

The CONS of making cookies with a massively large family are simple...THEY EAT ALL THE COOKIES! Those little boogers chowed those canes down faster than I could roll em'! Plus they are so excited they HANG right by the stove and make mommy a nervous wreck. AND they all want to get their germy little hands in the dough.

The Pros.... A GORGEOUS husband who does the dishes! AHHHHHH that makes it all okay doesn't it? Nothings more attractive than a man with a dish towel huh? Oh, and they did save me 2 cookies so that was nice too.

On to crafting. I decided to make most of my family gifts this year, I have given up trying to give many friends gifts (at least for a few years)since I have had this commune of children. I can BARELY keep afloat trying to keep the 7 of them equal. I used to be a really good, thoughtful, caring, "always there for ya'" kind of friend. The children have made me slip.......sorry friends. I will make it up to you one day. On to crafting again....

First I bought flour sacks from Wal-Mart and Target and a few bamboo dish towels. Also some acrylic paint & sponge brushes. Then I had one of my sweet children hold the stencils in place with a towel placed under the dishtowel to soak up the paint so it wouldn't bleed.

Then I added a sweet flower or other stencil and VOILA!! I MADE SOMETHING PEEPS!

I made these for all of my family so if you are a woman in my IMMEDIATE family......ACT SURPRISED, I'm sorry I had to share this because it was so easy and sweet and I thought others may want to make some in time for Christmas!

All that being said, we are all exhausted and anticipating an ice storm tonight! Thank you Lord for all the bautiful gifts you have given me. Gotta go snuggle up with all these precious ones by the fire! Night Night!


Mandi said...

What sweet memories you are making together as a family! I'm amazed by all you do with your kids and the level of sanity you maintain!

And what a sweet hubby you have! You're right...there's nothing like a man who will do the dishes. (:

Shanna said...

Wow! What a cool blog you have!
Your family is just down right adorable. I hope you don't mind me following along. I love to see other BIG families and their day by day adventures.
Thanks so much for the SPD advice. I just checked online for our local T*ys 'R Us and they have a mini tramp-o-line with a net for $100! Anything to avoid another ER visit :)

Kelly said...

your blog is so colorful, it makes me smile. :)
I love your craft idea. Great work. I may have to snatch it from you.
What a great pic of the family waiting for you.

janellybelly said...

Looks like soooo much fun! When our friends got together for holiday baking this year I accidently caught her hand towel on fire...I'll have to use your idea and make her a new one! Loved you blonde too Btw!

Jill said...

Wow Jen! Incredible photos! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO COMMENT ON MORE! LOVE the namme Wyatt, love him in the cowboy boots and shorts, love the other kiddos topless with the cookies. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hubby doing dishes (you are right, cute BTW!) and the towels were awesome! You go girl!!

Corrine said...

I had a son that ALWAYS wore puddle boots.
With shorts, dress pants, undies, nothing at all!
Good stuff!
I loved the pic's. What great memories you are making!

Staci said...

I am crafting this year as well, its too hard to buy for my HUGE family....very very cute. BTW from the looks of katy (i think it is katy right?) Im pretty sure shes caught on to the fact that your making her cookies healthy....her face is shes saying....YOOOOOOU, HOW COULD YOU??? lol.....and wy wy he reminds me sooo much of landon....i have many pics of my boys dressing themselves!! Does he have on John deer boots?

THE Stephanie said...

How sweet. LOVE the pics of the family all snuggled on the couch. And the dish towels?? What a fabulous idea!! And so cute!!!

Tuna Jones said...

wait a minute... you're a brunete(spelling error I know) again? How did that happen? And you are doing great with your kids. They will always remember these early days. Soak in the tub!

Cheryl said...

Completely adorable! I love Caty's another comment said, I think she figured you out...LOL. I'm so in awe how you manage to do so much with the kids and keep your sanity! Kylee and Josh went outside the day it snowed and had a blast playing in the snow...of course it took us about 15 minutes of getting prepared to go outside before I let them go...and then they were only out there about 30 minutes before they got too cold...LOL
Love all the pictures....Have a great day!

Jen said...

wow, you have been busy. I am totally cracking up at the clothing optional for those under 4. Yup, that sound about right.

Kelly said...

I love, love, love your new design!!! So precious!!

Thanks for the encouragement on our upcoming trip to Disney! I really am looking forward to it - and it helps to know that you survived a cruise with your beautiful little ones!

That is so awesome that your husband is a pilot - we are like twinkies! I didn't know you homeschooled - or maybe I did and just forgot! How is that going? Are you using any special program to teach the little ones how to read???? We plan on homeschooling our children..which will be here before we know it and we also started talking to some people about adoption!! Looks like we will have some more 'twinkiness' soon! ha ha

Thanks for your continued prayers and encouragement - you are amazing and your family is an insperation! God bless and I pray that you are all home safe and poor, sweet hubby had to go out in this ice to get some chicken broth for the potato soup I am making in the morning for dinner tomorrow night with his folks! Praying he gets home safely - it sure is C-O-L-D!

God bless you all!

Christine said...

I also have a hot husband that does dishes. Nothing makes them more sexy than dawning that dish towel ... except of course when they change poopie diapers or clean up cat barf in their Sunday suit.