Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brainwashed my kids into Rotten Breath?

Yesterday as many days we sniffed our kids breath to make sure they REALLY brushed their teeth (yes, we sniff hands too). For some reason for MONTHS Mr. Smearfritz's teeth have wreaked. We even went so far as to get some BREATH RX from the dentist. So yesterday The Captain takes him into the bathroom and proceeds to do yet another schooling on the brushing of teeth. During the demo, The Captain proceeds to put a wad of toothpaste on the brush-Mr. S agitates instantly and dad knew instantly something was wrong..It went something like this...

The Captain: Whats wrong?

Mr. Smearfritz: You know toothpaste is a DRUG and you don't want to put that much on the brush?

The Captain: Huh?

Mr. Smearfritz: I READ THE LABEL & toothpaste has drugs in it!!!
The poor kid, I think he's heard so much about BAD DRUGS in his short 9 years and with all my preaching and public speaking about drugs and drug endangered children, he saw the word DRUG on his toothpaste and has probably been agitated about this for who knows how long.

We assured him it was safe to put a glob of toothpaste on his brush as long as he doesn't EAT THE WHOLE TUBE, he should be just fine.

Oh, the minds of children and what they think..... The breath is better and that helps us all!


Kelly said...

that is precious.
You just have to love a kids reasoning.
Glad you got things straightened out.

THE Stephanie said...

That's pretty funny. Hey, at leasy he's listening to you!!! LOL

Nelly said...

That is funny. My eight yr old is a worrier. When she started to read it became worse, but now she is old enough to understand when we explain stuff to her.

Jen said...

that is just precious. poor kid but I am glad that you made it all better.

Summer in FL said...

Oh, that is too funny - bless his heart! It's interesting what goes on in those tiny little minds.

The Loux Family said...

What a great story! We've continued to follow your blog while we're here in Ukraine :). Would love to meet you one day! God bless you guys for the love and hope you're bringing to your precious children!