Thursday, December 18, 2008

Please Take a Moment-PRAY!

I do not know the Lamberth's personally however their story HAS touched me personally. One week ago today, Mark Lamberth was in a dirt bike accident and has been unconcious since. He is a man of God and a husband to Angie and father to Nolan.

Tomorrow he and his wife Angie will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Angie asks that you join her in a day of fasting and prayer for Mark. Please take a minute, go to their site and leave a prayer or word of encouragment for her and the family.

If you have a healthy husband today, BE THANKFUL! Take time today to love and encourage him and Praise God for his health and well being. It is amazing to me how God brings together the body of Christ to pray for and cry tears for a total stranger. What an awesome God HE IS!


Jill said...


Praying for this couple! What an honor and privilege to be able to do this for one be used for Him and by Him - how humbling!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the information! I've attached a post on our page also! Sending prayers and hugs.

Staci said...

thanks for passing this along.

Kelly said...

saying a prayer.
Thanks for sharing this info.

God is amazing.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I stumbled across this story a few days ago and realized what a mighty God we serve that an online community of believers is praying for a fellow brother in Christ that we have never and will never meet this side of heaven. Awesome!

Jamie said...

Oh Brendan....I just had to laugh and I had to call mom and tell her about this one...bless his little heart!! Gotta love that!!

bearhugs2u said...

What a memorable few days we have had with Jen, Nick (for one night) and the kids here for Christmas (early)!  The next few quiet days will be missing them all so much.  We are truly blessed with these grandkids....all unique in their own way and so loving.  I can't think of anything more I would have wanted for Christmas than to have the family here.  Thanks Jen for making the trip, even though it meant extra wear on you in many ways.  We love you all....Mom and Dad

Hazeleyessue said...

Thank you for posting this. It is very encouraging to know that so many are praying for Mark! God has truly been glorified through all this!