Tuesday, December 23, 2008


For any of you who wonder how much food a family of 9 goes through in a week, here you go. This photo DOES NOT include the 7 gallons of juice and 7 gallons of milk NOR THE CHRISTMAS HAM, I HAD TO SEARCH FOR. When you live in the BOONIES, there are only SO MANY CHOICES when it comes to shopping-we have 2.....Wally World and a small grocery store. Wally World was OUT OF HAMS!!!! Thank God I found one of the 3 remaining at the other store HALLELUJAH!

How do I shop with The Captain gone? Usually I don't but I hired a babysitter for 5 of the littles while the 6th came with me to push the ALWAYS NEEDED second cart!
THESE KIDS EAT CONSTANTLY or what seems constantly. Here's another weak moment of mine where I gave them cereal bars at 8:45 pm for some sanity while cleaning the kitchen. They proceeded to eat cereal bars while spinning in circles on their rears-all after their freshly put on jammies were STRIPPED OFF AGAIN-these kids just hate being dressed. I will try to wrangle them to make sure they don't freeze to death in their sleep!

Sweet dreams! We are going to sleep hoping to wake up to lots of the white stuff! Blessings to you all! Captain/Daddy we miss you. Mommy's really tired after having to sleep with Bit But in his single bed last night. My body aches. We love you! Wish you were here!


Kristin said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Thanks for all of your encouragement and prayers.

creative gal said...

Merry Christmas! Can I say, "WOW!!" to all the food you guys need! What a great group of little ones you have! :o) Blessings from above.

cloudmaster said...

Merry Christmas......Spinning on your rear....sounds like a blast! I think I will try it when I get home......then again, maybe not, the ambulances are slow on Christmas Eve. :)

Staci said...

Merry Christmas, darling darling babies!!

Mary Ellen said...

Clothes are overrated. Merry Christmas to you all.

Kelly said...

That is a lot of groceries.
Sometimes a bedtime snack is a neccessity. lol ;)
Your cupboards are beautiful. I love them.
Will the Captain be home for Christmas???
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family.

quilt'n mama said...

This made me smile this morning! Living in the boonies, I relate!!!! Merry Christmas!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

That amount of groceries look very familiar!!! :) ... but not the underwear spinning thing... not sure I want to start that here! LOL!

Jen said...

I don't have that many kids but some times it feel like I have double what I do have b/c of all the food, milk and juice we go through.

I wish you a very blessed Christmas.

THE Stephanie said...

That is too cute! I mean really, when you're out in the boonies, who cares if you're dressed? LOL

Doug and Terrye said...

What a blessing to have children with healthy appetites, and food to feed them. My daughter started out with very little food, and now that she is home with me we struggle to get her to eat. It is encouraging to see your family enjoying the food that their Heavenly Father has provided.

Terrye in FL