Monday, December 22, 2008

God's Timing=My Sanity!

Many things have restored my sanity today-obviously God is the ULTIMATE RESTORER :)!

My My-my little dolly requesting I take a photo of her "doing the splits" was the start of my restoration- priceless.Cristi (my person) and Maren REALLY were the main contributors to the return from my PTTD (post traumatic trip disorder) which I was suffering from last night. The main ingredient in this cure was ADULT CONVERSATION! Cristi & Maren drove over 2 hours total to come and visit me-it meant so much ladies-My heart thanks you! Ingredient #2 DONUT HOLES! Since my kids were babies, Each time Cristi visits, she bestows the gift of the donut hole on them. See, we don't have a donut shop anywhere close so this is a HUGE blessing for the kids. NOTE TO THE DONUT HOLE LADY..NEXT TIME BRING MORE DONUT HOLES :)
We were also blessed with ANOTHER, YES ANOTHER visit from Santa! Cristi's son Jordan with his red bath robe, work gloves, Cristi's black shoes and his beard (taped on with scotch tape) made our whole house smile! AND he brought presents for all...even me!! We thank you Jordan!
All the kids with Santa and special guest-Miss Jenna-Maren's girl!

Getting mail makes me happy! Getting pictures and cards from those that God has blessed us with as friends and family is pure beauty! Our Christmas "wall of fame" has grown tremendously over the past week. The most exciting part is seeing the addition of the children God has gifted to our family and friends this year! Also, those who have joined our family through marriage-looking at this wall just plain makes my entire body SMILE!
The last thing to restore my sanity is THE WEB CAM!! Thank you Lord for THE WEB CAM where The Captain can see us and us him to keep us all sane!


THE Stephanie said...

I absolutely LOVE the pics of all the kids lined up the couch. Makes me smile every time. So sweet!!! Glad your sanity has returned via the donut hole :)

BoufMom9 said...

Great pictures! Glad your sanity is restored! Mine was today as well :)

ps As for the donut holes... I have a SIMPLE recipe on my recipe blog. EASY!!!

And, as for my scrapbook pages, i either use Smilebox (I have a membership), or Both are awesome and super easy :)

Mashel said...

Hi Jen, My name is Mashel and I just came accross your blog, and I want to say I just love you story. We are also foster parents, to a set of 14 month old twins. We have had them since they were 4 days old, and still don't know if we will get to adopt. How long did you have to wait when you were adopting your kids? Did any of them end up in a big battle in court? I

Mashel said...

I was going to try to email you, but it is not posted on here. I would love to hear more of your story, and even get some advice on how you got through the unknown time with each child. My email is

Kelly said...

such great pictures. "Santa" is too cute.
I also like your card wall. I started hanging our cards on a large bulletin board that I wrapped with Christmas paper. I am offically out of room and have started putting them on the wall below.
Glad you had visitors that showed you all a good time and helped to restore your sanity.

Jill said...

Love the pictures, the web cam and how God meets our needs exactly when we need it every single time!

He who calls is faithful!

Hugs and love - praying you get a good night rest!


Midwest Mommy said...

Yum, donut holes! I noticed all the chocolate were gone, my fav.

Staci said...

i totally know what you mean about adult conversation....its rare here....steph is my sanity...i email back and fourth with her....that gets me through ;) lol cute pics

Mary Ellen said...

God will get you through the crazy, every single time. Your family is so beautiful! Christmas blessings to you all.

mary grace said...

Love those moments when God reaches down and gives you a big old hug, don't you? :-)

Nelly said...

I love the pictures of the kids!!! And thank goodness for friends!!! I'm not sure how far youre from the Nebraska border But if I could I would drive and visit with my monkeys(kids)

quilt'n mama said...

Hi Jen,
I too was looking for a way to email you, drop me a note at we too are an adoptive family I think from near your part of the world:)

creative gal said...

I love the glimpses of your kids, and into your lives. Aren't friends AMAZING!!! Mine came over last night to take me out b4 my surgery today. Just to take me to dinner. God is good!