Tuesday, February 3, 2009

IN THE HOUSE!-Me and The Captain.

We got a call from our state representative last week. Last year in February The Captain and I helped initiate, present & testify for House bill 2602 in front of The Kansas House of Representatives.

This bill makes using controlled substances during pregnancy a crime. 15 other states have passed similar bills into law. To find out if your state has this law click here. We will most likely be testifying again sometime in February.

Many bills take SEVERAL times to get from the house to the senate. The main reason this bill did not pass is because the way the bill was written-it gave women a FELONY and put them in jail immediately until the birth of the baby. The reason it was written this way is because it was just copied from another state. The bill is now being revised to make it mandatory REHAB instead of the jail time. Which I think will help it to be passed. Either way, with cut backs and the economy, this will cost our state money-another reason it may not pass. BUT so will raising special needs kids affected by drug abuse in the womb.

PLEASE join us in praying that this bill will pass the house and be moved on to the senate this session and that we are IN THE HOUSE-God gives us the words to speak.


PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO WATCH OUR FAMILY VIDEO-so you can put REAL faces with our children who were abused in the womb!


Sandy Toes said...

What a wonderful video..it brought tears to my eyes!
-sandy toe

Kelly said...

I have tears as well. What an amazing and inspiring story you have.
Praise God those kids have you & the Captain.
You will be in my prayers.

Beth in NC said...

Well, I'm crying too. What a beautiful story! Your children are so beautiful. You're so blessed to have the unconditional love of so many children. What a beautiful family.

Bless you!

Jen said...

you truly do have a calling and I wish you all the best. You have my prayers.

Rachel said...

WOW! What a blessing you and your husband are! I always enjoy reading your blog. It's encouarging to me. I think it's great and admirable that you and The Captain truly found your calling and are fulfilling it everyday! My family and I will be praying along with yours for this bill to pass!

jodilee0123 said...

You guys rock! Thanks for sharing your story and spreading your passion for all children! (I hope we can have more children in our tiny little house someday!) :0)

Elle said...

Wow- the video was awesome! Thank you for sharing you story! I check your blog daily and love your family!

~Elle (in Utah)

Bobbie-Jo said...

That was fantastic. Thanks for putting it on there! It was neat to see your kids in "real life". They are truly precious.

I was amazed at how tidy the house was. :) Mine is certainly rarely that well picked-up!

God bless.

BoufMom9 said...

What an incredible story and thank you for sharing and for working so hard to make real changes. So many people say they will act and so few actually do.

I have children as well that were abused in the womb and I hate every day what they have to go through because their lives didn't mean enough to their birth mothers.

Thank you so much for commenting and helping me help the Whitt family.

Tessa said...

I am inspired by your story ... and I am so thankful for all the hard work you do for these preciuos children. Not only are 6 of them yours, but now you are fighting for the rest of them. I pray that your next time you testify the bill will pass!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Aww-my heart...the tears filled my eyes.
you & your man are simply wonderful.
The kids looked so loved and happy its hard to imagine the rough start they had.

And by the way-your house is BEAUTIFUL!!

PamperingBeki said...


Adeye Salem said...

Oh my goodness---what an amazing video. It brought tears to my eyes. Your family is beautiful---and you are amazing!

trina said...

I saw your video a few weeks ago and was so excited to see you working so hard and accomplishing so much for these babies. I will be praying with you!!

wife.mom.nurse said...

What an awesome cause. Close to my heart! I am praying!

MyLinda said...

I'm a ks foster mom who has had the pleasure of adopting our beautiful youngest daughter from the foster care system. She was meth exposed (among other things)while in the womb...thank you for fighting for kids like her!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Can't talk now sis, I am BAWLING MY EYES OUT ! seriously. The kiddos are running in to see what Is wrong with me. chesseball that I am .. have to say SO PROUD of you. Thank you Thank you Thank you for caring about these kiddos. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! I just love you for that and you inspire me!!

And could your brood be any cuter??? Oh my heart just melted... and is smiling so BIG!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing... thank you . thank you . thank you.

Did I mentiong thank you??

Love you!

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

What a blessing you are! Thank you for sharing your story not only with us bloggers but with the world. It's something everyone needs to hear. Praying for His direction for our family. Have a blessed evening!
In Him,

P.S. Thanks for the chiropractor advise- I too have always thought of them as nutty, but anything to ease the migraine pain!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

wow - this is beautiful - good for you guys - you gave me tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

John and I just watched the video (all the way over here in Ukriane!)

I'm so stinkin' pleased to be your friend, and so incredibly proud of you!

Flamingo Mama said...

awesome just awesome! your kids are beautiful....oh and so are you and the captain!!

i want to come live where you do...your home and land are gorgeous!;)

Debra said...

Very touching video!!
I have enjoyed reading through your blog. My best friend adopted a little girl 5 years ago, it's a great thing.

Mandi said...

Amen, sister! You know I'll be praying!!!

Mandi said...
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The Pyrat Family said...

That is so exciting! I am praying that your testimony is heard and changes are made!!! God Bless you!!!! and I can't believe my state has a law but no punishment for it!!!! what's the point.. How can I do something here in RI??

Adeye Salem said...

What in the world is going on with the tears today? What is God saying? Moving on our heart, hey?

Annie said...

Yea, cuz it's so much cheaper to incarcerate a woman for up to nine months than it is to pay for the medical care of a drug exposed child for 18+ years. I wish it would pass as a felony, maybe they'd have some time after the baby was born to sit and think things through. I have three who have been in foster care their entire lives, all three are four, they still have not done anything with Mama even though she continues to have children, continues to test positive for all sorts of things.

Also noted your super clean house. Bravo.