Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Autopsy, Guests & Easter!

Friday night was such a blessing-my cousin Mark from North Carolina came to THE RANCH for a visit. It was his first time to meet the 6 littles! They really "roughed him up." He has no kids YET so he was VERY LAID BACK with them!Here we are Me, THE CAPTAIN and MARK :) On our way out to an "ADULT" dinner!Oh, what to say about Jamie! She is an angel! She goes on vacation with us-she's THE BOMB! She lives in Iowa now but when she was in college-the summer I had 4 babies (i was KOO KOO FOR COCOA PUFFS then)-she helped me out on her summer break. She still comes home to visit her family and we were BLESSED THAT SHE OFFERED to watch the kiddos & color eggs with them while we were at dinner!
This is Steve-we'd adopt him if we could-just a great guy ALL AROUND!
He came to assist Jamie with THE TRIBE-they love him!Here are our RESURRECTION COOKIES being removed from the tomb! HE'S ALIVE!Some liked them-some didn't! It was an AWESOME way to celebrate the meaning of Easter!We went to our church egg hunt Saturday-it was a beautiful day!When all eggs were hatched-we had 5 that didn't. The 2 big kids donned their gloves & did autopsies on the eggs and this is what we found inside. The chicks were alive and fully developed but just didn't have the strength to peck out. There are many reasons this could have happened which we studied. It was sad but a good life lesson. I will admit-we all teared up at the sight of this but knew it was God's plan.At just 3 days old-our 12 SURVIVOR PEEPS are already losing their fluff and getting real feathers! God is just so amazing-his creations astound me!Easter morning was fun. We missed The Captain and The Oldest. We didn't however, miss Wy Wy's KOOKY Shananigans. He had slight difficulty opening his basket with his winter gloves on. He did wear them, his bandaid, John Deere Green shorts & John Deere shirt ALL DAY.We had a YUMMY breakfast of home made cinnamon rolls (brought by Mark-made by his mom Mary) and hard boiled eggs. We celebrated THE RISEN SAVIOR at home & then we watched the animated EASTER STORY pretty much all day! We missed The Captain a lot-we are very thankful we got to visit with him on the web cam. I cooked a traditional ham dinner which we all enjoyed! It was a great weekend!


Blessed Mom of 8 said...

What an awesome post filled with God's goodness and love!

The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing your family the way you do Jenn!

I am sorry about the chicks that didn't make it. God's creation is AMAZING! I couldn't agree more! His ways astound me and amaze me!

Hugs and love,

Jen said...

Good times I tell you Good Times.

Tricia said...

what an awesome Easter and I LOVE the pics!!! The gloves are adorable =) How long did the chickies survive that couldn't break out of the egg shells?

Mandi said...

What a fun weekend! Those cinnamon rolls look to die for!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, this is a great post. So the chicks were alive when they opened the eggs and died shortly after?

Joyful Mom said...

Those are absolutely beautiful family pics.
Aaahh---poor chicks. I would be heartbroken too. I hate that stuff--I want them all the live.

Your children are all so absolutely precious, Jen.

quilt'n mama said...

Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL Easter full of His blessings! We love making resurrection cookies too at our house too, though nobody likes the taste of them:) This year we made resurrection rolls.... sweet biscuits that we put a Marshmallow in the center of to bake- the rolls puffed up and the sweet marshmallow melted away leaving it's sweetness behind and an empty tomb!

Glad you got a little adult time too, we don't get much of that here and boy we miss it sometimes:)

Hope you have a great rest of the week on the ranch!

Thanks for the chick update too!

Transformed said...

I love all the photos--such little darlings. Thanks for sharing. Please know that I am still praying for you and God's PERFECT plan to pass. Hugs from Africa.