Monday, April 13, 2009

WILD Hair.....

Isn't T Gorgeous? This is how we fix her hair most of the time. You'd never know that behind that hair style....When she takes her hair down....We have THIS to deal with. She has given me written permission to blog about this subject-we are hoping ya'all can help us out with this HAIRY situation!
We've tried, thinning, layering, shortening and this all MADE HER CRY! She never wants her hair cut again. WHY? because it POOFS straight OUT the shorter you layer, thin or cut it. Straightening looks GREAT but dries it out even more. Plus-it takes about 30 min to an hour to to this and I just don't have time with the other 5 littles!

It truly is so dry and feels like straw and I NEED SOME HELP so... we decided to ask you all BLOGGY EXPERTS for some ideas!I tried one of these tonight and that worked on about 1/4 of her thick hair SO, I used two-she thinks it helped a bit but I don't see any difference. If I used half of one of these I'd be GREASY FOR DAYS! I wish I had a smidge of her God given wave.This is her RIGHT out of the shower. SEE HOW ITS ALREADY CURLY AND DRY in some places and straight in others? I also tried a leave in conditioner tonight-directions said "a quarter size portion" I used a half-dollar and still dry as heck.Wy Wy & T have the same birth mom and he has "similar" hair. The Captain refuses to cut his-hair envy I think :) Sorry honey.
NOTICE-WyWy's right arm-14th day with his plastic Dr. kit bandaid on-thank God it's water proof!
We ended up being blessed wth 12 chicks in all-they are all healthy & VERY PEEPY! OH, and POOPY! They stopped hatching on Saturday afternoon and were moved to their brooder on Easter.
What a miracle and blessing to be able to see how intricate God created life...inside a doggone egg-amazing! More amazing was being able to share it with my children. Especially on Easter-when the LIFE OF CHRIST RISING was celebrated.After the first "holding of the chicks" today and one got dropped due to POOPATION ON THE HAND-I have deemed Bean the ONLY SAFE chick holder at this time. The 5 others just get to stroke the heads of the peeps as I hold them and they poop on me :)


Alicia said...

Hi Jen!
I've spent my whole day off reading your blog. :-) We live in KS too (south and east of you closer to Wichita) and have just decided to pursue adoption for our family. Would love to get in contact with you to ask you some questions but couldn't find an email address. Thus the ever fun comment. HA! If you would be willing to answer some questions for me, provide some advice, etc., shoot me an email at aodom-at-usd402-dot-com

dainsgals said...

This is what I would try for your beautiful daughters hair. Anything that you would use on an African-american's hair. I hate vo-5 never worked on my girls hair. You can also get a perm reversal. Good luck

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, so I have dealt with difficult and DRY hair for my girls for years. I would agree and suggest that you should use strictly products for ethnic hair. (don't get the kids' products, they are useless)
I woulod go with a hair oil, a scalp moisturizer and then a sheen spray.
More than likely, she will need to keep her hair up unless you get her hair relaxed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me ann email.
ps She's a gorgeous girl, hair and all :)

grasshopper said...

I have just started to try this "no poo" (shampoo) idea on myself. In theory, it sounds good, but it is too early for me to give you a decent report.

The theory is that our hair has natural oils that we strip away every time we use shampoo. Thus we have to use conditioner to soften it. The "no poo" method has you keeping the scalp clean and healthy by scrubbing it with baking soda and then rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar. This allows the natural oils in your hair to do their thing, and many people get great results. It is also cheap and removes a little bit of everyday chemicals from your life.

These are not my blogs, but both have good information:

Good luck!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Hi Jenn,

First, the chicks are too cute and what a blessing to have them aLIVE as we celebrated our RISEN SAVIOR!

Jordan our 6 yr old has hair very similar to your daughters.

I wash her hair with organic products that are for dry, frizzy hair. I put in conditioner while she is in the shower. Then I put in a leave in conditioner - I comb it through her hair. Then if it is dry the next morning I spray a little more conditioner in.

You might also want to ensure she is eating enough healthy oils. I increased Jordan's and her hair is getting a bit nicer!

Also, instead of the products for dry hair - I do a monthly coconut oil treatment in her hair. I melt it and put it on her scalp and comb through her hair. I do this after she showers - then I put a plastic bag around her hair line clipped on - put a towel across her pillow so no oil gets on it. Then the next day I take off the bag, comb her hair - leave the oil in for a bit then wash it all out. For about a week her hair looks so much softer.

We can NOT cut Jordan's hair short either. She has to have it long. I clip the ends monthly to keep them as healthy as I can and promote new growth.

Good luck!

Hugs and love!

Beth in NC said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Poor baby. I know there is an answer out there SOMEWHERE about her hair! I just started using leave in conditioner that I spray on while my hair is damp.

Keep us posted with what you decide to do. I want to see the "after" photo.

Joyful Mom said...

Oh my---she does have a lot of hair!

How amazing that your kids got to witness the chicks hatching at Easter time--so profound. What a teachable moment.

Praying that you are ding well--I know you have a lot on your heart and mind at the moment.

Staci said...

cute kids....

Amanda said...

Hi Jen, I will have to talk to Chelsea about her hair. Chelsea, my oldest (with dark hair) has naturally curly hair, not too much unlike your sweeties. I am not sure what "additives" she is currently using? I will ask!

*Overflowing* said...

Your daughter's hair is similar to how mine was at that age. You just need to find the products that will work for her. I have super curly hair now & I love it.

I would recommend having her hair lightly layered. Then use mousse and a diffuser to dry her hair. You can even add a curl spray to help define the curls. You will be amazed at how curly her hair truly is ;)

Andrea said...

Hey there, I don't have a little gal that needs these, but I have kept the link just in case. It's I have heard good things about it. You might try it? Good luck to you, she does have beautiful hair!
Congrats on the chicks, so cute!

Cheryl said...

Hey Jen...I don't have any advice for T's hair...both Kylee and Josh have bone-straight hair...we just have cowlicks to deal with...UGH! Good luck on figuring something out for her hair though. The chicks are so cute! Was Aw-Bells the only black one? What a special treat for her chick to be the first to hatch on top of it hatching on Good Friday! :o)

Jen said...

The hair thing is baffling. I say keep trying the conditioners and consult and stylist!

Cheryl said...

I was just on CafeMom and saw this ad about Hair's the link

Hope this helps!

brookly said...

Hi, I don't know you, but stumbled across your blog somehow. I have naturally curly hair and have had the dry/frizz problem in the past. I VERY HIGHLY second the "no poo" (shampoo) routine for long hair. It does take about a week, and the hair may seem kinda icky that first week, but it works wonders. You can often times just use a cheap conditioner, like Suave, and use it like you would shampoo, scrubbing it in. Rinse. Then use another conditioner (whatever is "normal" in your house-even Suave again works) and condition as normal. Put some gel/mouse for curls in her hair AS SOON as she gets out of the shower (while it's dripping wet-or even IN the shower after rinsing), don't brush it and tell her to try and not touch it (you can make a part if you part the hair, but do it lightly). Let it air dry. If you can't let it air dry, use a diffuser on a blow dryer on a low setting. Takes foreverrrrrrrrr, but helps with the frizz!

I hope that helps. This worked wonders for me!! (now I have short hair b/c it's what my hubby likes, and so much easier to deal with!!!)

Angela :-) said...

I was going to recommend the Curls website, as well as the Blended Beauty products. This is a quote from the BB email I got earlier this week:

"Spring Frizzies
Why is my hair frizzy?
Why does your hair get frizzy, anyway? There are many causes for this dilemma. Damaged hair strands and static, is a major cause. Many women damage their hair by rough brushing or combing, harsh shampoos, high heats with items such as blow dryers, hair straighteners and other heating tools. Also chemical processing is a major negative factor in keeping your hair healthy and smooth. Static can also be caused by shampoos. Both hair protein and shampoos contain negative charges, repelling each other, which can lead to frizz. There are also environmental factors including UV rays, impurities in water and general humidity. In order to fight the battle of the frizz, there are several ways to succeed. First, soft water has fewer impurities and leaves the hair smoother after washing. Also using a shampoo that has a positive charge, such as Blended Beauty’s shampoos, cause the hair to relax and hug each other, creating more definition. Blended Beauty’s leave-in products seal the cuticle and actually work with the humidity to moisturize your hair, rather than frizz it up! So welcome spring and all it brings!"

Some additional tips I've gleaned over the years:

*Don't let anyone use a razor blade on her hair.

*Don't blow dry.

*She may need to wear her hair in a braid when she sleeps.

*Try covering her seat in the vehicle with a satin cover of some sort (pillowcase, etc.)

*I've recently started using Garnier Fructis 3 minute masque and leave-in conditioner for myself (Caucasian--frizzy hair) and my kids (Ethopian & bi-racial). I love & highly recommend both products. I heard about them in this blog post:

I only wash my hair every 2nd or
3rd day. The other days I just wet it down.

Good luck,
Angela :-)

Stacey97 said...

I know this sounds crazy, but I had a friend that I used to work with and she put mayo on her hair...yes, mayo. She washed her hair and conditioned it, then put scoops of may on her head and rubbed it in and wrapped a plastic grocery sack around her head with a clothes pin and sat around for about 20 minutes, rinsed and rewashed. She says it works and helps her friz. I have never tried it, but keep us all posted on what you end up doing and how her hair turns out! :)

Amanda said...

Hi Jen, Chelsea said to try Biolage Shampoo(hydra therapie kind...there are bunches of types) and conidtion because it is really heavy and will weigh her hair down. Chelsea puts the generic biolage hair serum in her hair before drying. If needed after drying, it will make it smoother and not as corse feeling. This serum will help it not dry out if you are straightening. It is expensive. The generic is a better price and works.

When Chelsea's hair was long it always did better if she blowed dried it(it really does make a difference if you brush it while drying it), lightly went over with a staightening iron and slept on morning it was wavy but not poofy. It cut the straightening time in 10 mins.

Chelsea also uses the difuser and mouse (like someone mentioned) but it IS poofy.

Hope you have found something that works:)

jodilee0123 said...

We use "luster's pink" on our daughter's hair (Jada). I don't know much more about thick curly hair. . .but I'm sure I will be coming to your blog to learn more! :0) It smells good and enhances the curl. I think, too, that I read somewhere that cotton sucks all the moisture out of hair with that texture--so maybe some kind of silk wrap for bedtime? I think her hair is beautiful! And I know the frizzies are no fun--but her hair is so gorgeous pulled up. She is stunning! :0)