Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bored? Rainy Day Activities...

We've had a couple good storms at the farm lately...... Can you see it BREWING?
Can you see the tree bending in this picture? We were on the porch seconds earlier THINKING we were going to watch a little shower from our log rockers and then BAM-out of nowhere 60 mph winds, rain and hail. The littles and I RAN in the house. Even Tinkybell-our dog ran in (and she NEVER goes inside). It was scary for a moment.
All the while, The Captain was trapped in the barn painting something. He waved at us right when it started and he said he actually thought that may have been our last vision of him alive. He said the barn was shaking so bad, he thought it was going to blow over.
We got 3 inches of rain out of the deal. Praise God-no hail damage to the wheat.
With a boat load of kids & homeschool done for the year-I MUST have some structured activities for rainy days or we'll all go BONKERS!!!
This morning, Bean and T made a crockpot cake. All by themselves. There are only 2 ingredients. A cake mix and can of pop.

First-put your cake mix in bowl.Next, your 12 ounces of pop.Then you mix, spray crockpot with cooking spray, poor batter in and put something small (we used a kabob skewer) in to vent so the condensation doesn't build and you have a soggy cake.

Cook on low 2-3 hours and VOILA!

Add cool whip to the top when done-SUPER YUM! NEXT ACTIVITY...TIE DYING!I bought a little kit at Wal-Mart & some RIT dye also. We used both. The kit came with everything you needed. Rubberbands & dye-very easy-just add water.After we dyed (WHICH WAS PSYCHO!!) My nail beds are still permanently rainbow. We wrapped our creations in plastic wrap for 8 hours.And VOILA again....
Here's BIT BUT
WyWyAW-BELLMyMy"T""Bean"I tried to tell T and Bean that the shirts had to be tied tightly or they would be mostly white-they didn't listen and just tied theirs on randomly. T cried when she saw hers-that's how we learn...
They are all pretty COOL HUH?
Then we made play doh...Heres MyMy stirring the ingredients.
3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp cream of tarter
3 tbsp oil
3 cups water

Dissolve salt in the water.
Pour all ingredients into a large pot.
Stir constantly over medium heat until a ball forms by pulling away from the sides.
Knead the dough mixture until the texture matches playdoh (1-2 minutes).
Store in plastic container.
Should last for at least 3 months.
Happy with his JOHN DEERE GREEN Play doh!
This recipe made enough for all 6 littles to have a big "WAD."

Seeing the shirts & the play doh, all so different in color, shape, pattern and style made me think of all of us. Down here on earth, we are different, molded by God, just the way he wants us, all with our own personalities, looks, gifts and talents. All of us God BREATHED.
Are you feeling down today? Just remember,
GOD DID NOT make a mistake when he made you.
  • There is ONE who will never leave nor forsake you.
  • There is ONE that forgives YOU and everything you've ever done,
  • There is ONE that will lift you up when the world lets you down.
  • There is ONE that is JUST WAITING FOR YOU to knock at HIS door and he will open it WIDE-JUST FOR YOU!
  • There is ONLY ONE that you need to please in this life...ONLY ONE.
  • There is ONE way to eternal life-through Jesus Christ.

Do you have Christ in your life? If not, your world and life will be changed forever by taking 3 simple ABC steps.

  1. Admit your a sinner and need to be saved
  2. Believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins.
  3. Confess your sins to GOD and TURN FROM THEM.

Once you've taken those 3 easy steps-there is GOOD NEWS... YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN HEAVEN WITH HIM!



Jen said...

You're ambitious!!! Great ideas - I'll have to schedule some activities like that into our summer. :)


C.C. and Double T said...

Yes, I am feeling down today, so thank you for posting this.

The pictures of the kids and their projects are awesome!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Wow Jenn! Praise God no one was hurt!

We had some powerful storms while I was away in Ft. Lauderdale too.

You have some very fun ideas. I can't even begin to go there with the cake. That is enough sugar to put our family in toxic shock! LOL!

The t-shirts did turn out awesome and you are right great lesson for the older ones to learn - it is one thing to listen but we must obey!

Love you and big hugs!

Kristen said...

I love the tie dye idea! I think I will stick that in my back pocket for the next rainy day. Thanks!
I am babysitting my friends kids today so we are at a grand total of 10 kids with the oldest one being 11! Tie dye would have been fun.

Mandi said...

These are all great indoor activities! We get LOTS of summer showers here in FL...Any ideas for an active 16 month old??? HA HA!!!

Andrea said...

Thank God no one was hurt, that looks like one heck of a storm. And I LOVE the kids creations. I love all the wonderful ideas you have given.
You are amazing!

Pink Slippers said...

Your home looks fun!

Rob and Morgan said...

How fun! "T's" shirt was my favorite, then I read that she cried when she saw it. They are all adorable and it looks like they had fun too :)

bearhugs2u said...

YEP.....that's MY girl!!!! Jenni you are such a blessing! I thank God daily for you and all your "littles" plus the big one and the captain....thanks for the visit Sunday and the pics...love you MORE

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness, we had the same thing happen to us the other day. Sitting outside watching the kids riding bikes and then bam, a storm...we had planned a bbq and eating on the deck, but that was scrapped for brats, corn, watermelon, and an indoor picnic.

Elisabeth- Truly Blessed said...

What a fun day! And love the way you related it all back to us and God. Praise Him that we are all different! I tell my girls when someone calls them "weird" to "just imagine if God created us exactly the same- how boring life would be". So it's okay and worthy of praise to be "weird"!
Hope the storms are gone and you are all able to go outside for some fresh air.
In Him,

momto12 said...

I notice more than one can of pop - can you double and triple the recipe?

Kelly said...

I am going to have to try tie-dying with Collin. I have NEVER done it.
I like the shirts, even the whiter ones. :)

Shanna said...

Amazing! Glad that everyone is safe after the storm.
You are such an inspiration to me.... I don't like messy projects, but my kiddos sure do! I just may take on a couple this summer (:

Midwest Mommy said...

A crockpot cake? I have never heard of this!

Cory and Margaret said...

YOu are such an amazing Mom!! Your kids just look so happy and look like they have a lot of fun!!!!

mommylicious said...

Glad you're alright! We have had rain here almost every day in April and May. It's been rain free all week. I was sick of the storms.
You guys look like you're having so much fun! I need to do more activities at home..maye we should come to your house for ideas, ha!
The tie-dye shirts are all so cute. We did that last year and the kids still wear them all the time. You're so creative! :)

RN and OSHP said...

Wow, crazy storm! Looks like you all had a fun day! I am looking forward to trying the play dough with my toddlers!

*Overflowing* said...

Wow, that is crazy...thank you, Lord for protecting this sweet family.

Okay, so you are like the coolest mom ever!! How fun!! Think it's about time this mama pulls out some fun stuff :) Thanks for the inspiration.

PamperingBeki said...

Holy cow, you've been busy!!

We're doing a craft day once a week and tie dye is on our list. We do it every summer. (And I'll be honest, it's not my favorite. It stains everything!)

Hope you're doing well!

Bobbie-Jo said...

I love storms - and the end of your post made me think that the God who controls the storm is the God who holds me in His hand. No reason to be down!

I can't beleive you did all that in one day!

Joyful mom said...

What a wonderfully creative mommy you are, friend.
That storm looks scary--no fun, hey? So glad nothing got damaged.
LOVE the end of your post--you go girl :)

John Deere Mom said...

That is the coolest cake recipe I've ever seen! What's your favorite type of soda to use? I am definitely trying this!

Jen said...

LOVE the rainy day ideas!!!! Please keep them coming!!! I NEED MORE ideas!!!! Thanks for all of your positives on my blog!!!