Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I KNOW, I KNOW...I'M LATE!!!! Read all the way through and you'll see why.

The Captain is usually always gone on Mother's Day. This year, I was blessed to have him home. SO EXCITED to go to church as a family & hear the kids special song they had been working on for weeks. Didn't happen....

We were IN THE PINK that day. PINK EYE that is-so we stayed home. I'll admit, I was bummed. Even more bummed the kids didn't remember ONE WORD to that song they learned for weeks.

The Captain took the 6 littles to Wally World and let them all pick out a present for me. I got the following....

  • A Clematis plant from T-LOVE IT!
  • A Watering can from MyMy
  • A necklace from Bean
  • Hand sanitizer from Bit But
  • Shower Gel from AW Bell
  • Bug Spray from WyWy Then I surprised all of them with gifts from me! They freaked! They were so excited! I told them how I felt God had blessed me so much with each of them & that without them I would have no Mothers Day so they deserved gifts too!T loves to take pictures so she did a photo shoot of me with one of the flowers that fell off the plant she gave me! I was lookin' flat ROUGH!Then The Captain cooked steak & shrimp for me on the grill YUMMERS!Then we ate this FABULOUS Chocolate raspberry Wally World Cake! (the reason for the DOUBLE CHIN in the above picture)
    AS IF all that wasn't enough... This pulled in the driveway TODAY! The Nebraska Furniture Mart delivery truck only stirs HAPPY THOUGHTS in my brain.They brought me this.... A BEAUTIFUL LEOPARD PRINT CHAISE from The Captain for Mother's Day. They only deliver to THE STICKS like once every 2 months or I would have had it in time.

I've had a picture of this chaise lounge hanging in my command center for over a year.

AHHHH... I hope to do lots of relaxing, reading my Bible and CHILLIN' in my new chaise. Notice I'm wearing my WILD OLIVE TEE? Great giveaway going on over there! And YES, I pay my kids to rub my head :)

I've had lots of visitors to THE CHAIR already today-PRAISE GOD FOR SCOTCH GUARD & furniture protection plans :) I just LOVE the way it looks in my room. Now all I need is a little table and a lamp and I'm SET!
The Captain is NONE TO THRILLED with the Leopard Print. He actually despises it. Bringing a FROU FROU chair you can't stand into your bedroom-NOW THAT'S LOVE!


Joyful mom said...

Oh how wonderful. I love your chair. Yes, my hubby would hate it too--but like I tell him--he buys the house and I decorate it :) He has no say. Oh, and he can do whatever the heck he wants to outside, just leave the inside to me. Great deal, hey???

Love the pics, friend. What a sweet Mother's Day.

Jen said...

what a fabulous mother's day indeed.

MyLinda said...

I love the idea of getting your kids something on Mother's Day, I'll have to remember that next year!

That chaise is SOOO wonderful...I too LOVE NFM. Got our sectional and bedroom furniture there last year.

My hubby and oldest walked down to Sonic right at 8pm tonight for our floats, they said the place was packed :-)

The Klins Family said...

LOVE your colorful posts which is why I check in each day! Keeping up with your family has been fun - you have a beautiful family! I found your blog on Reality Check - she is a real life friend of mine.

bearhugs2u said...

oh dern it...we forgot to go get our floats last night!!!! Your chaise looks inviting....nice hubby..mine always says "You aren't my mother!" But he did plant some outside flowers this year. I love him...........

Mary Ellen said...

I really like the chair. And I especially like the visitors to the chair.

What an awesome mom to give gifts to the kids on Mother's Day. You're making me look bad!

Sadly, no Sonic up here in Maine.

{ jamie's cottage } said...

Awesome! Love that you gave the kids gifts. Love the decorations on that adorable cake! And that chaise looks like a great spot for reading & relaxing! ♥

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Yep, we are sure the blessed ones. What a special day....Hey, email me sometime for an update. Praying for you in UG!

Amie@WildOlive said...

You got your chair!!!!! Love it. And love the tee!!!

Girl, got you down for all your entries!! :)

We need to chat soon!