Saturday, September 26, 2009

HARVEST TIME! Homeschool Challenge..

See this picture? This means its HARVEST TIME!! The soybeans are READY!
I'm just amazed by the gorgeous beans inside the pods & they taste good too! Truly God's handiwork.
There's The Captain off in the distance-bean dust rolling!
Here go the beans into our new old truck & then OFF to the elevator.Of course The Captain has his usual "appendage" WyWy.This boy prays for tractors & combines & anything John Deere daily.The only thing to break down "so far" this harvest is WyWy's 4 wheeler.
He actually rode it from our house out to the field to find The Captain about a mile away. Farming is in his blood!The only thing I find challenging this year is keeping my 4 preschoolers busy during the homeschool day. It is tiring to say the least. We try several different ways of doing things. They are very distracting to the older kids & I haven't quite found the perfect schedule or balance to keep things running smoothly. Any advice/ideas would be appreciated! AND YES-we do school in leotards & underwear at times! Whatever works right?


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

I am all about whatever works! Hmmm....looking forward to reading how others deal with pre-schoolers....we usually do a combo of having them sit at the "school table" with toys, to having them play in their rooms, but you know still not real successful at times???

Flamingo Mama said...

Did you ever see this blog? It's awesome for Tot school ideas.

Also, this one is also an awesome blog for homeschooling tots

Hannah said...

I just wanted to stop and say hello. I've enjoyed reading in your archives tonight. My husband and I have five biological children and finished the foster parenting course this past summer with hopes of expanding our family through adoption. Wish you all lived closer and we could hang out!

John Deere Mom said...

We aren't quite ready to harvest here yet...probably another few weeks. Great pics!

Andrea said...

Love it!
Wish I could go to work in my jammies sometimes, why not school?!

Jamie said...

Love the soybeans pics! It's too bad I don't live closer to you (Denver is pretty far) I'd offer to come over and sit with your littlest littles and let them play with my 2 year old. She needs friends like flowers need the sun. Oh well. Good Luck!

MyLinda said...

Unfortunately I don't think there's any GOOD way to entertain a group of preschoolers :-)

I would think that having an educational movie time (leapfrog video, signing video, etc.) for the little ones might give the older ones a little quiet time where you can focus on them. Maybe also make up some bagged activity sets (bead stringing, dry erase board, puzzle, beans with measuring spoons, etc.) to hand out to the little ones for individual quiet working time. I just found the website I saved with ideas... www.activity

THE Stephanie said...

WyWy is just adorable. I LOVE that he loves his daddy so much.

Mom Of Many said...

Oh harvest time looks so wonderful. I can't imagine all the work that goes into it, I know, but I just want thank you for working so hard all year 'round for food for America.

I dreamed of marrying a farmer when I was a young girl....growing up in a city, I couldn't get out of it fast enough!

Blessings from Moline, Illinois today! xo

Transformed from glory to glory said...

Undies, too-too's and all are welcome in our school!!!! I am now officially mommy to five 4 year olds, a 3 year old, a 1 year old and my faithful 7 year old. Whew. The four year olds are all doing lessons--this is great! While these little ones are occupied on their worksheets I run to help my seven year old at her desk--located in mommy and daddy's room. The only lessons we do seperate like this are reading and math. The rest we do together. I speak "up" to my kids (do not dumb things down) and trust that they are gleaning what I feel the Lord is asking me to teach--science, geogrpahy, bible, story time, etc. As for the 3 and 1 year old. The sit and play with blocks or color. So far it works great--all glory to God!