Sunday, September 19, 2010


Our 32 hours started yesterday morning with Beans 2nd football game of the season!
He was excited that The Captains parents made it and he got to play at the same high school (pictured) that his Grandpa went to almost 60 years ago!

Then we went home, ate lunch, packed the vehicle, motorcycle & all 7 littles and headed to my parents house two hours away.

The Captain INSISTED that WyWy would be "just fine" for the 2 hour ride on the back of our Harley...AT 4 YEARS OLD!!!!

AND HE WAS RIGHT, He made it-Little WHIPPER-SNAPPER hung on to daddy ALL THE WAY!

After my 4th NEAR HEART ATTACK & several PALPITATIONS & 3 PANIC ATTACKS, followed by me FLASHING MY BRIGHTS, they continued to RIDE THROUGH THE RAIN until we got to Grandmas.
I have one thing to say about that..

Praise God for my parents who offered to watch all 7 kids while we went out to supper with friends.
Our FIRST DATE alone since Baby Bakers was born 13+ weeks ago and you know us-we are WEEKLY DATERS and needed some QT together.
She slept the entire time we were gone!!

Dressed and ALMOST ready to go!

I told The Captain, I didn't care if it rained, "I JUST WANNA RIDE MAN!"

Off we went to...

LOVE the sink!

The Captain in front of OCC BFB

We rode in the rain all the way home from the restaurant and LOVED IT!
It was so fun to be soaking wet and laughing with my man, It felt good!

Then we rose early this morning with 5,000 of our closest biker buddies and headed to our 2nd annual BIKERS FOR BABIES ride.
To benefit pre mature babies in the Kansas City Area.
I noticed I was MUCH THINNER at last years ride... I KNOW 9 months to gain it..9 months to lose it, still is SO NOT FUN!

It meant so much more to us this year especially after having a pre-mature baby ourselves just a few months ago and knowing how scared we were when she was in the NICU.

My dad still hasn't quite got used to his baby girl being a HARLEY MAMA yet, I think he is holding my helmet hostage in this pic.

The Wild Hogs Black Squirrels

Us Girls

Hundreds of bikes-you have to see it in person to really grasp it!

The 100+mile trip is lined with signs of appreciation and many preemies and their parents waving to all the bikers raising money. 
It's a VERY AWESOME and humbling experience. 

We left Baby Bakers for the FIRST TIME today for 7 WHOLE HOURS with my parents & we all survived. A certain part of me ALMOST didn't but we won't go there (you nursing mamas can RELATE).

She did great and actually took the bottle great for my mom.
All 9 of us are home now and the house is quiet except for football of course.

Hard to believe we did ALL THIS in just 32 hours..
Experiences that we and our kids will cherish & never forget.



Jen: Proud Mom of 7 Adopted Miracle Blessings said...

Good for all of you!!!


Vickie said...

We also had a bike rally run thru town...oh about 2 months ago. Raising money for kids. It was awesome to know about. I wish I could have seen it but it went thru during our church time. Bummer! Congratulations on your newest little one. She is beautiful!

Christina said...

Oh my!!! I never would have survived seeing little WyWy on the back of the bike for so long!! YIKES! Glad you had a great couple days. Sounds like a great cause to support.