Friday, September 17, 2010

The Captain's 2nd week..

Hard to believe The Captain has already been home 2 of his 7 weeks off-HIS NOT FLYING IS FLYING BY!
We made it to the zoo...CHECK

Got all the equipment washed for fall harvest-CHECK!
(I think it's funny he likes to wash it before he goes and gets it all dirty)

Had some severe weather-CHECK!
(notice the soybeans in the picture below the storm are ALMOST ready to cut)

Went to "the big city" and got the 7 littles EQUIPPED for fall-CHECK!
BTW-that requires a DETAILED LIST of
who needs socks, undies, tennies, church clothes, boots, church shoes AND SO ON..
Aren't these here some handsome cowboys in their NEW DUDS?

And The Captain is ALMOST done with the deck off our bedroom!
Can't wait to sit and sip my coffee and read my devotions in the mornings with God's beauty all around me!
He's had LOTS of help!

He's putting the railings and steps on today!
We are certainly blessed to have our daddy home for 7 weeks!

We've also got all our hairs cut, and teeth cleaned!
I'd say we've got a lot accomplished so far huh?

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