Thursday, October 14, 2010

YOU GROW GIRL! 4 Months!

Happy 4 Months to our MIRACLE GIRL!

She is SO HAPPY to be 4 months old!


I think you are a bit over 12 pounds. We take you tomorrow for shots, weight and height!

Food-You are still exclusively nursing and starting to CLAMP DOWN at times which hurts mommy!

Diapers-You wear size 2 diapers and we JUST STARTED cloth diapering this week-only at home.

Sleep-you usually sleep between 8-10 hours a night going to bed between 7pm and 9pm. We will be moving you into your big girl crib SOON-you are definitely outgrowing your bassinette!

You can ROLL OVER!! We got it on video. You roll well from tummy to back but not the other way yet. This whole "rolling over gig" has started to cause problems with your sleep. You roll over and then can't figure out how to get back to sleep. Last night you were up 3 times-UGH!

You LOVE to blow bubbles, raspberries and slobber.

Your tongue is RARELY in your mouth, you LOVE to stick it out!

You can actually hold some toys in your hands now, its so neat to watch.

You love to suck on your burp rags and your blanket.

You now like your swing and still adore your bouncy seat!

YOU STILL HATE YOUR CAR SEAT so it's hard to take you places without you crying and mommy stressing!

You like to be worn in a baby carrier but only for a little while.

Daddy moved out of his "office" today and moved in the old toy room! We will start painting your OWN ROOM today and you will get to move in soon!

WE ARE ALL STILL MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU and EVERY in SINGLE Prayer your brothers and sisters say before meals and at bedtimes-THEY THANK GOD FOR YOU!



Stacey said...

Oh my word, could she be any cuter??? I loved this update. Thanks for updating! To make you feel better (or at least know you aren't alone...) Bennett HATED his car seat as well. I used to have to sit in car line waiting to pick Avery up from school and sweat because I was stressing out. He screamed the entire time. I stayed home as much as I could because I couldn't handle it! I heard from so many people "Really? My kids always fell asleep in their seats!" I was so grumpy and wanted to say "GOOD FOR THEM!!!" Anyway, if it is any help, he grew out of it at about 4-5 months. Right when we moved to FL he was coming out of the phase so close to 5 months. Hang in there, it will get better. I feel your pain!!

Midwest Mommy said...

My feed has not been working. I saw the post from your other blog. I am going to try deleting it and resubscribing.
She is a DOLL!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, she is SO adorable!!

Jen said...

She is just s doll. So cute!

You may need to try and burn a new RSS feed because all the feeds that you have for this blog, including the follower one, go to your old url. I am not exactly sure how to do it but try Feedburner or google it.

I know, I know all in your spare time. :)

Angelwingsbaby said...

My feed isn't working either.Got this from your old blog even though I follow your new one.Hmmm Don't know why it isn't working . Miss you!

Sara said...

Jen... she is so precious and is getting so big... I did try to become a follower on the new blog, but still didn't get the feeds... I am not the most computer savvy so I don't know what to do on my end??? Thinking of you all!

Anonymous said...

I get the feed...and your little baby is so adorable! You do have a beautiful family!

John Deere Mom said...

She could not be cuter! And I can't believe how big she is getting! :)

And I have tried deleting the old feed but still it comes to this one. Don't know how to fix it!

THE Stephanie said...

Jen -

You may want to let everyone know (if you haven't already, or maybe even again) that they will have to resubscribe. Since you changed the URL, it won't transfer. They'll need to come to your new blog and subscribe there.

Hope that helps!

A family being transformed said...

I would love to nibble on those cheeks.

By the way, I always laugh out loud when you share about homeschooling!!!


Blessings from the North,

P.S. I appreciate your love for our landcruiser. Wish you could see me drive it--12 children buckled in and a 110 pound mama at the wheel!! I too am a country mama through and through.

Andrea said...

SWEET! Holy goodness she is so so cute!!! :)

Kathleen said...

My feed works now! I updated it awhile ago but still had to click on your old blog to link to your new or enter the new address in my browser separately- until today! Now I get updates so I expect that's been the case for a lot of people!

Well anyway, hi! I've never commented before, but I have been reading since early this year. Thanks to you, I have entered the blogging world. You are such an inspiration to me and I cannot wait until I can begin adopting my own precious gifts! Love and prayers

Kelly said...

My feed works now!!! YEAH!!!

She is absolutely adorable! Just precious.

***Saw your comment on my blog about my pool. LOL. Made me laugh.

Let me explain:
The pool had a bad crack in it that we had to fix every year because it would reopen every winter. It would not hold water this summer (lost over an inch every 24 hours) and we finally diagnosed the problem...a leak in the lines that ran around the pool. We did narrow down where it was and it could have been fixed.

BUT....Nate and Beth's situation really convinced us to just fill it in. They don't have good cause and effect, they refuse to follow the rules about not being around the pool and they can't be with each other without direct supervision.

Not having the pool will simplify my life more than anyone can ever imagine. Plus, my parents have a place on the lake and my sister has a pool and both places are within 12 min. of our house.

If I didn't live our situation I would die to even think about filling in a pool, but like I have said on my blog...this situation changes EVERYTHING. :(

quilt-n-mama said...

She is adorable! I can't believe how much she has grown!
I love the Jewelry organizer too!
Hope you are doing well!

Christina said...

She is sooo cute! I'm finally getting your feeds! YAY!

Room for More said...

She is simply delightful! Precious!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OK she can't get more precious! Seriously Jenn - WOW!

You are pretty crafty too - love the jewelry organizer - great idea!

Love and hugs,