Thursday, January 26, 2012

BIG OL RV TRIP Day 25..Last Day in Paradise..

WHY, you ask do I have my especially sad, (may I add very tan) sadface on???

It is because as I write tonight, THE FINAL packing up of the RV is being done..Bikes being disassembled, the wheels off the stroller, the pups outside fence taken down, evening candles blown out and packed away and the outside carpet all rolled up and put away...with only the outline remaining.. 
All kids and laundry scrubbed clean of the chlorine that has soaked them for the last 3 weeks.
It was a wonderful time for all of us..Let me just say that 25 days has FLOWN PEOPLE!

Packed Even MORE FULL than our physical things in this RV are THE MEMORIES that will pack our minds and hearts FOREVER! A special family time making more blessed memories than we even deserve. We are thanking God for it all. For allowing The Captain this time off, for allowing me to be able to homeschool our kids, for new friendships made, for sunshine & rainbows and fish and even for the stressful times. YES, OF COURSE there are stressful times with 9 people together NON STOP for 25 days! I just love my family so much and still remain in AWE of God's plan for us to have 8 children! BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!

Here are the 2 gals I was blessed to hang with during our stay. Neither one of which was turned off by the number of children we have..

I took this pic yesterday during a 5 minute rainstorm we had. MORE PROOF that God is all around us, sending that rainbow to remind us of his promises to us. 

We will start making our 5 day journey home tomorrow and this trip is just more than I could have asked for. It just was..

I must go wipe my tears away now as we head BACK TO REALITY :)



Kelly said...

I love you and don't even know you. You are adorable even with a sad face. So glad you had a good time and sorry it is over. Save travel for y'all.

McMama said...

Very nice pics. Is it me...or is that a double rainbow? How Awesome!

anya* said...

I have LOVED reading about your RV adventures this month! How special/wonderful/amazing for your beautiful family! I love how you cherish family time and see value in GETTING AWAY! I am dreaming of a DisneyLAND getaway for next Christmas. Gotta start dreaming early, right?! Ahhhhh….and ONE DAY we will get to Florida and see the beautiful beaches and fishing holes your family got to experience. It looks to die for. But Florida is a LONNNGGG way from Washington State!Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile (and a dream!) to my heart! xo

Renata said...

Looks like so much fun!! I'm going to catch up on your posts, but your holiday sounds just wonderful!
Have a great trip home!

Mama Ds Dozen said...

So fun reading all about your family tonight. :)

We are a homeschoolin' road trippin' family, too.

We have visited 41 states in 4 cross country road trips in the past 8 years.

In 2009, I took 7 of my kids . . . with me driving our 15 passenger van, pulling a 20' coleman tent trailer. We headed out for 5 weeks . . . I drove 8,000 miles (no hubby this trip) . . . we visited 12 states, and met up with 7 blog friends and their families.

In 2010, I took 6 kids ( no hubby again) . . . headed out for 6 weeks . . . drove 9,000 miles, visited 17 states, visited 9 National Parks and Monuments. And, we had a BLAST. That is my kind of "homeschoolin'" or, rather road-schoolin'.

Your trip sounds wonderful!

mama of 12