Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big OL RV TRIP Day 22-23 Unwanted & Wanted Guests!

I'll start with the unwanted guests. These guys roam ALL OVER the KEYS and ALWAYS HAVE. They DEFINITELY have their days and nights mixed up for they COCK A DOODLE DOO..All.THE.TIME. I will admit, I will miss their craziness when we leave.

Went to the local WINN DIXIE and HAD to get these SHARK fruit snacks! 

All nuzzled in watching Dolphin Tale! 

T finished a swewing project today. Love this little owl camera case she made! 

We had CUMPNEY tonight. It was our new friend George's 50th birthday so we celebrated with them and another family and had the most AWESOME ice cream cake. 

Enjoying the cake!! 

There were 18 of us all together  for the party!
Here are all the kiddos! 

The END IS NEAR. I may cry. I honestly don't miss home.. I love it here.. Only 3 more sleeps and we will be heading home...

SO SO SO thankful for this time with our kids, SO SO thankful for the uninterrupted time with The Captain. I will miss our "alone time", sitting outside just talking to each other.
SO SO thankful for the walks outside, the beauty of God surrounding us at all times.

Can't WAIT to come back next year!

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