Monday, January 23, 2012

BIG OL RV TRIP DAYS 20-21.. Groundhog Day?

Our internet has acted up so I am behind again...

Yep, VERY USED to our days here in Sugarloaf Key. Groundhog Day routine has set in..
Woke up day 20 with our new friend and neighbor Wade visiting as Bean "whittled" with his new wood working set in his coon skin cap..

Since it IS the weekend...NO SCHOOL means plenty of time for playing play doh!

Then it was time to get our squid bait and head out to fish. NOTICE Bit But still in his KUNGFU PJ's..

Have I mentioned, I have ALWAYS LOVED to fish...Could sit ALL DAY and do it.. I got pretty blessed today to catch enough for MY supper. I'm proudly holding my RED SNAPPER!

Little did we know that this GORGEOUS Little number caught by Bean was an endangered species so we had to throw him back.. UNLESS we wanted to pay $600 to keep him.
 Isn't he cool? LOVE THE BLUE STRIPE & squiggles!

Sisterly LOVE!

The Captain cleaning our catch with the AWAITING PELICANS VERY CLOSE!

While gutting the fish-it was super cool to find a WHOLE SHRIMP in of the fish bellies!

Feeling like Groundhog Day to you yet?

These guys are always good free entertainment for us. Shortly after I took this, they both fell right out of this tree. WILD!

Lolli found a couple new obsessions..One was trying on Beans new Flippers and playing mermaid. LOVE baby mermaids!!

She even did well walking in them :)

The Captain bought Lolli her own small bag of Doritos..
This is what happens when you tell her to say "CHEESE!"

The Captain felt I was big girl enough to take Bean and AwBell night fishing..So I did.
We caught 2 fish..You know th $600 ones? Yep, had to throw em back. It was still fun taking em off the hooks myself and we enjoyed it. We also got the pleasure of seeing a HUGE SEA TURTLE and SEVERAL Stingrays cruising around. HAPPINESS!

The next day The Captain got the bright idea to buy the kids ONE POP to share.. Bad..VERY BAD Idea. Talk about an all out brawl. We RARELY give our kids pop so this was nuts! BUT..THE BABY WON!

On day 21 after our RV church service and weekly laundry duties were done,  we headed to...WELL YOU KNOW WHERE!!
 Lolli's new obsession was our empty water bottles..

Then she did this to all that were NOT in the pool.

MyMy striking a pose.
So precious!

WyWy doing a flying dive!

All that swimming wears the 2 little ones out fast! 
Here they are on the bottom bunk watching a movie and nuzzling in.

He loves his new woodworking set and is quickly realizing it is HARD!!
He has started carving on Coconuts instead..

He made these 2 mini boats out of coconuts complete with seats and oars.
Pretty inventive right?

Little brother carved his own version..

Although our RV has 3 TV's, we ONLY watch them at bed time and each evening a different child gets to pick one show or movie for all to watch. Keeps it fair!

We are ALL enjoying LESS time "PLUGGED IN" to all electronics! And being More plugged in to nature and each other!

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Cheryl said...

What an awesome trip! My computer crashed about two weeks ago and I just got it back yesterday, so I've had a LOT of catching up to do! I LOVE that picture of AwBell and MyMy precious! I'm jealous of all the POOL time you're getting....We LOVE the water too!! Can't wait for the summer months to get here so we can get in the pool!
I know you'll have fun on the rest of your trip, so stay safe and God Bless! :o)