Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We woke up Day 5 to QUITE A SPREAD!
Overnight french toast, hashbrown casserole and fresh fruit!

A pic of the kiddos eating breakfast!

Before we knew it, we were waving goodbye and heading to our next destination..
Our 2 favorite things were the Dolphin Show and TOUCHING all the stingrays in the touch pool!

They all loved the "EESH" as Blakely likes to say
THE ORANGE SHIRTS CAME IN HANDY again for keeping an eye on kids!

Heading back to the RV in downtown HotLanta.

We stopped at Olive Garden for dinner somewhere outside Atlanta.
During dinner our friends Kim & Burt showed up to visit.
AFTER DINNER as we were going to have some fellowship in the RV, The Captain realized that one of our PRECIOUS 7 flipped one of the locks down on the way out the door that can only be unlocked from the INSIDE. STRESSFUL..
My friend Kim took a pic of the situation....
THE CAPTAIN trying desperately to get in....

The solution...SHOVING WYWY through the kitchen window..
Worked like a charm..

My friend Kim and I...Meeting in person FOR THE FIRST TIME!

The Captain and Burt got along GOOD :)

The miraculous SUPER COOL part of the whole story is that Kim started reading my blog after googling embryo adoption. She went to L.A. to the same Dr. as me and is now 20 weeks pregnant with their embryo adopted MIRACLE BABE!!! A divine intervetion again! THIS BLOG had brought such amazing people into our lives!

Here we are! 2 embryo adopted miracles! One in the belly and one out!

We boondocked in the Wally World lot somewhere in GA on night 5 and DROVE ALL DAY on day 6 arriving in Gainsville, FL Wally World.

ALL GIDDY knowing we would be in THE MAGICAL PLACE on day 7!
Can't wait to tell you about our DISNEY BLESSINGS AND ADVENTURE!


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Kelly said...

If it is possible to be happy for you and jealous of you at the same time..that's where I am reading your adventures.

Such fun and you missed me, in Alabama. Haha. Have fun in Disney. Can't wait to hear about it, I guess. :)