Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BIG OL RV TRIP Days 7-12 with MICKEY!

WOOO HOO!! Our first pic driving onto the DISNEY PROPERTY!!

We got ALL checked in to FORT WILDERNESS RESORT. All the kids got first visit buttons, coloring books, crayons and stickers! SUPER FUN!

When we pulled up to site 1430, we were SUPER SURPRISED!! Mickey AND our friends Stacey, Trevor, Avery and Bennett (who we had never met in person before-we also met through this blog) had decorated our entire campsite!!!!!

Sidwalk chalk, a pinecone MICKEY...

AND TONS of toys, mouse ears and Disney trinkets covered our picnic table!!!

Our Campsite complete with gorgeous surroundings all included in the price!!!!

Kiddos PSYCHED about their goods!

Mickey sent us a special message...He loaned us a special Mickey light to use while we were there. It was SO NEAT to have the only one in our area. We LOVED coming home to see it shining at night!!

Us and THE LIGHT! Isn't Mickey SO SNEAKY?

Have you seen a more precious babe in Mickey Ears?

If you've been reading this blog for long, you KNOW we are WATER PEOPLE!

Swimming makes us Happy!

They even had a teeny slide for Lolli! SHE LOVED going down with her brothers!

We also enjoyed bike riding, scooter riding, skate boarding and LOTS of walks. Fort Wilderness is SPOTLESS! Not a leaf or speck of dirt to be found. IMMACULATE grounds, laundry rooms, bath houses etc. AND TONS AND TONS TO DO!! That is the blessing about having and RV-your kids aren't COOPED UP behind four walls of a hotel room, they are free to roam.  Even if you don't have an RV, they have cabins here for rent and it is just such a neat place to be.

Even Pixie LOVED IT :)

EVERY NIGHT they have smore's (bring your own stuff or buy there-we brought our own) and a sing a long with CHIP & DALE. SO MUCH FUN!!! Then they show a Disney movie on a HUGE SCREEN EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! You can also go to the beach at Fort Wilderness each night and watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. SUPER NEAT.
PS-In case you wondered...CHIP has a brown nose and Dale has a red nose ;) That's how you tell them apart!

The kids were WORN OUT every night!

Kids LOVED having these one morning!

More pool view..

There were pool games going on every afternoon ALL afternoon. Some of my kids played some didn't but it was SO FUN to have them available! They did Disney tattoos at the pool one day and gave out prizes for the fun games! Aw-bell doing the LIMBO!

Our 3rd day there it was FINALLY TIME to get on the boat at Fort Wilderness and ride over to The Magic Kingdom! I WILL ADMIT. I was JUST okay maybe MORE excited than the kids! SUCH A FUN 10 minute boat ride RIGHT TO THE FRONT of MK!!

I was in tears TWICE on this day. ONCE when Trevor and Stacey GENEROUSLY gave us our tickets to get into MK along with free stroller rental. It is just mind boggling to me that PEOPLE WE HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON have done such a precious thing for our family. How can we ever thank them? GOD IS GOOD! Here they are with their son Bennett and our kiddos-BLESSED!

The day we went the park was at only 10% capacity. GREAT day to go!
Again, Stacey took us in and got us all situated!

Stacey knew right where to take us first. We literally did NOT wait in any line longer than 15 minutes ALL DAY LONG & got to ride EVERYTHING we wanted to except Dumbo & Thunder Mountain-they were close down.
 It was nice to have her and Bennett with us for the first part of our day!

One of my favorite parts of the day was meeting ALL THE CELEBS!!!
First up, BUZZ-he walked just like the real Buzz. SO COOL!

THE HIGHLIGHT of the girls day. She went ON AND ON about Pascal. Let me tell you people.. THIS PLACE REALLY IS MAGICAL!! She talked, acted like the LEGIT Rapunzel.

We had lunch reservations at THE CRYSTAL PALACE. Where we met Pooh and his Peeps. SUPER FUN! Our reservation was at 1:15 and it was the perfect time. Everyone was getting worn, hungry and tired. We relaxed in here for about an hour & rejuvinated while meeting the characters one by one and eating a decent buffet! We also took in TONS of snacks and our kids stainless water bottles. It worked out great!

We left Crystal Palace at 2:45 and the parade started at 3pm RIGHT OUT FRONT! Perfect timing.  People..THIS PLACE TRULY IS MAGICAL!!!! I took along several old wedding bubbles for Blakely's entertainment. She loved blowing bubbles and watching the parade!

SHE LOVED loved LOVED seeing the Characters ESPECIALLY Mickey and MINNIE!
That's what is SO NEAT is seeing  your kids reactions and happiness! WORTH.IT!

More Celebs...

After the parade Blakely was getting fussy I had read that The Hall of Presidents was a good place to go to nurse a baby or put one to sleep AND we wanted to see it.
IT WAS SO NEAT! Worth the 20 minutes. SO COOL to see all the presidents as robots.
It did work and Blakely slept for 2 hours in the stroller.

Before we knew it, we had done all we wanted to do and ALL KIDS WERE SO GOOD! It really was a smooth day. Anyway it was time to make it to the front of the park for the closing fireworks. There is just nothing like it. NOTHING!!!

Now for the 2nd time I BAWLED.. Looking at these faces & knowing this may be the only opportunity our kids will see it until they have their own kids and bring them. Such a special, blessed, magical moment! We got there when the park opened and CLOSED ER DOWN.

Our other special outing was to OHANA.
The Boys all GUSSIED up for dinner!


Disneys transportation works like a CHARM! We hauled 7 kids around with ZERO issues. Loved this picture of my girls on the boat on the way to Ohana.

After the boat we got on the SUPER COOL monorail and headed to the Polynesian Resort for our AWESOME dinner at OHANA~! You HAVE to make reservations WELL in advance to get into this place and it is well worth it!

ALOHA from our family!
At Ohana, everyone is your COUSIN and they have kids games during dinner. Their main yumminess is MEAT!! All cooked & served from Skewers. to.die.for... GO HUNGRY!

We spent most of the rest of our time at the pool and just soaking in the wonderfulness.
We had plenty of time for talks and long walks...
Time to appreciate all the gifts God has given us. Time to be thankful for everything..
Time to figure out the big brothers really are super special..

We also enjoyed FISHIN at THE FISHIN HOLE!
Aw-bell set the table for our last dinner at THE FORT..

Last night with our Mickey light..

After dinner our last night, Trevor, Stacey and their precious kiddos came over for some fellowship. The girls and sweet Avery got along great!

So did Bennett and the boys!

We made plans with them to come back around the same time next year and camp SIDE BY SIDE!! WE CANNOT WAIT! Another special relationship formed all from this silly ol' blog! Thank you Lord for the gift of friendships made through YOU! AND THANK YOU H Family for making one of our dreams for our kids come true!!




Malinda said...

Our family LOVES Disney. It is our favorite place to vacation together. I think I would have cried a few tears as well at the generosity of that sweet friend who helped plan and get your tickets. God is good. Love seeing your family have such an amazing time together.

Kelly said...

Disney really is magical. I loved reading. So sweet of that family, sounds like they thought of everything. :)