Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mom's to Thirty Six CHILDREN!!

I have a hard time sometimes sharing my heart.. God has been nudging me to share these 7 Spectacular Women with you. Mothers to THIRTY SIX CHILDREN ALTOGETHER!

~One is my Daughter whom I love and treasure to the depths of my soul
~One is my Sister whom I was separated from until I was 25
~One is my Cousin whom I love, respect and adore
~One is a PRECIOUS friend since childhood. Her mom, brought us back together
~THREE are BFF's and fellow adoptive Mama's I met through THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are SO DIFFERENT in so many ways yet the same.. We live in different cities, we are different ages some in their young 20's and some of us in our upper 40's. Some of us have grown kids, some of us are just starting families. Some of us homeschool, some send our kids to school. Some have one child, some have 10. 

We are the same in wanting 100% what is best for our kids. We are the Same in the fact that we are like sisters whether we are blood or not. GOD intertwined our lives together. YEP, it's that CRAZY WRAP that has formed a kindred sisterhood that has made these 7 ladies some of my dearest friends. THREE OF THEM I had never met in person until this business!!!

These 7 ladies have amazed me! They have all reached leadership levels with It Works. They are Diamond, Double Diamond, and Presidential Diamonds averaging anywhere from $1900-$17,000 a month... These ladies, my sisters are not only WORLD CHANGERS. They are LEGACY CHANGERS. They are changing the legacies of the THIRTY SIX CHILDREN in this photo..... along with many more.

They are giving back... To Missions, Adoptions, Military Soldiers, They are teaching these 36 children how to DREAM BIG, GIVE BACK, Love the Lord and SO MUCH MORE.

I thank GOD for bringing you all into my life. I love you and I just wanted you all to know that I'm honored to call you my sisters. SO BLESSED to be IN THIS WITH YOU!! I think all 8 of us will agree that this business is SO MUCH MORE than a wrap!

If you are out there and you DESIRE a SISTERHOOD, If you think YOU can't do it...Look at these ladies... ALL DIFFERENT, yet ALL THE SAME! WORLD LEGACY CHANGERS!!! We would LOVE to have you as a part of our sisterhood and team!!! Please take a few minutes and listen to this call recording with myself and My sweet sister Amie (mom to 10) Sharing our hearts!

If YOU have been praying for a change... Contact ME TODAY!! WE WANT TO HELP YOU change your life too!!! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!


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the solomon family said...

I love you Jen Keller!!! This is the sweetest post!!!