Friday, February 14, 2014

Free Disney for 9? YES PLEASE!!!!!!

Sunday night my friend sent me a text...We have FREE TICKETS to Disney that HAVE to be used by Thursday... DO YOU WANT THEM?? "Does a Bear Poop in the Woods?" NO, I didn't think about it or ask The Captain.  We looked at the weather and decided Tuesday would be the best! The Park was at 10% capacity, it was SUNNY and 80 Degrees! AHHHHHHH! A MAGICAL DAY with the MOUSE! We got there right at 9:30am. Our friend also had FREE SNACK COUPONS, FREE PARKING and FREE STROLLER RENTAL for us... WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!! 
We are 1 1/2 hours from Orlando so it was an easy trip!

My heart started thumping BIG when I saw the sign...

It was CRAZY!! We call Blakely "POOH BEAR" and she said the ONLY person she cared if she saw was POOH! Guess who we ran RIGHT INTO???


Brendan was TOO COOL to be in the pic LOL!

NO Fast Passes Requiered because there were NO LINES!!! 

We didn't plan on going to Disney so did not have it in our budget to go. The kids did not ask for ONE THING. Not even ONE TIME! We packed all our own sandwiches (20 PBJ's), drinks and snacks! You don't have to spend a ton or use credit cards to have a good time!! Our kids were just THRILLED to be there. All we truly needed was each other's company.

THE ABSOLUTE WILDEST and craziest thing happened while we were there. A young man tapped on my shoulder and said "MRS. Keller".  As I turned around I realized it was my good friend Jen's son Patrick!!! She has 8 kiddos too! Several adopted and 2 embryo adopted twins!! We have been through MANY YEARS of friendship together and it was UNDESCRIBABLE to run into them at Magic Kingdom!!!! The kids have been friends for years and literally RAN ALL OVER DISNEY together! It was SO FUN to see them holding hands and riding together! My phone was dying and picture is blurry but the memories are CLEAR AND STRONG!! Such a truly MAGICAL DAY where DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!

As I ponder God's true MAGIC of the day FEBRUARY 11. What a MAGICAL LIFE CHANGING DAY for our family. It's the day our lives changed forever and the legacies of my 8 precious kids changed forever! It was not only FREE DISNEY DAY but my 2 year anniversary of making the life changing decision to join IT WORKS GLOBAL!.. I am so thankful that I AM MY OWN BOSS. I don't have to check in with ANYONE when opportunities like this come up! We can JUST GO!! We are truly LIVING THE DREAM!! 
You can't put a price tag on OWNING YOUR OWN TIME!!!! I just added another WONDERFUL MAMA to 8 from Pennsylvania to our IT WORKS TEAM!!!  Are YOU NEXT?? CLICK HERE to find out more! 


Cheryl said...

Oh my gosh! I love Pooh Bear too! LOL I'm a little jealous of Blakely getting to hug Pooh Bear. :) It's so awesome that you got to spend that time with your family.

Jen said...

Truly a blessing from above that was arranged from above!!! It was GREAT seeing you guys!!! Hugs and love to all!!!