Sunday, February 16, 2014

Welcome to our 432 Square Foot HOME!

WELCOME to our HOME on WHEELS!!!! 

We've spent a MONTH in our RV before but never the entire winter!!
I tell you this not to brag but because it was a DREAM I HAVE ALWAYS HAD!
I have ALWAYS disliked the cold... Always dreamed of being in the warmth and sun when it's cold at our home in Kansas.  I also tell you this because I am LIVING PROOF that if YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT! I never really DREAMED BIG until 2 years ago when we started our LITTLE WRAP BUSINESS! It has been wonderful to be SURROUNDED by DREAMERS and not just ANY Dreamers but Dreamers who LOVE JESUS and have GOD SIZED DREAMS!

Having the FREEDOM of time is truly undescribable.

This is the view as you walk up the steps into our RV! We have been living in this space for almost 2 months straight now!! By the time we get home we will have been living in our RV for 67 days! It is imperative to KEEP IT NEAT and tidy with 9 people in here!
 Many have asked how we do it and it is simple really! 
We have EVERYTHING WE NEED RIGHT in these 432 square feet!

The dinette folds out into a bed. Jett and Wyatt sleep there.
The couch folds out into a bed. Tori and Myah sleep here!

This is a view from the front into the kitchen/living area. We have a small counter space but we make it work. During meals and school, we set up a small table that  3 can sit at.

This is the kitchen. We have a microwave, stove, oven and a small fridge and freezer! It is about 1/2 the size of ours at home. We grocery shop every few days because the fridge is so small.

This is a view from the TV area to the front! There are 3 chairs up front. The Captain's chair, my Co-Captains chair and an extra chair.

I LOVE this sign hanging above the couch!!

We have a set of bunks in the hallway! Brendan is on top and Caty is on the bottom. During the day we store our school tubs, blankets and pillows on the top bunk. Blakely likes to lay on the bottom and watch movies!

Across from the bunks is a 2nd TV, our Map of where we've been, our goals and dreams on a bullentin board AND... the bathroom.

The view from our bedroom up to the front of the coach.

Welcome to the LOVE NEST. Blakely still sleeps with us!

The Captain has a small closet by his side, I have a small closet by my side and we can also store a lot under the bed!

Across from the bed is a large closet and lots of drawers as well as the Master bedroom TV!
All the kids clothes hang in the closet and socks and undies are in the drawer below.

Here is our bathroom across from the bunks! It is SMALL! 
But DEFINITELY DOABLE with 9 people! 


Here is our setup from the outside!
Lots of scooters, bikes, our XL golf cart and BIG CAR!

NO RV site is complete without a sign out front telling where you're from!

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL here! The coldest day was 55 degrees!!!
We have had a BLESSED, BLESSED time here!!  The time has FLOWN BY!

One thing we have decided is that we will most likely NEVER spend another winter in Kansas!
It's OFFICIAL, We are Florida SNOWBIRDS!! Sunshine... on my shoulders..makes me HAPPY!! The Sun REALLY does put you in a good mood!  All 9 of us hardly spend ANY TIME inside the RV at the same time so it's very easy! 
We ride bikes, walk, jog, swim and go out adventuring every day!

We only have 5 more days here! 
We are taking off the 21st to meet some friends at Disney's Fort Wilderness for the last week of February!


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