Sunday, October 12, 2008

UTAH..Beautiful site for Drug Endangered Children's Conference!

My time in Utah was fun and slightly stressful! I got in last Monday night and went out to dinner with a bunch of people from DEC Conference. The types of people that attend this conference are law enforcement, social workers, doctors, lawyers, and psychologists. It was very interesting to sit in on the breakout sessions.

After dinner Monday night, the group went to a dueling piano bar, it was very cool and different entertainment. Since we were in SLC it was appropriately named The TAVERNACLE!

On the walk back to our hotel, I took a picture of the SLC TEMPLE (thanks Holly) Not the TABERNACLE :)

Everyone in SLC was super kind! I was just overwhelmed at the beauty of Utah, it was definitely proof to me that God exists!

Tuesday morning we were treated to a wonderful authentic Indian performance by Little Feathers dancers. I took video and pictures and my kids loved seeing them. Methamphetamines in particular are a HUGE cause of destruction of a lot of Indian families in Utah and all over the country.

Tuesday evening I went out to dinner with several people from the conference including one of the founders of DEC Sue Weber-Brown. We had a nice dinner at the base of one of the mountains. I got to talk to them a lot about the bill I would like to see passed in EVERY state to protect the unborn in the womb from drug exposure.

I went to bed early Tuesday evening about 9pm but was up from 12am to 3am making revisions to my presentation. I was up early and downstairs with "my person" Cristi Cain as she helped me prepare my presentation. She helps me put things in correct order, handles all my video prep and is very "techno knowledgeable" PLUS, she's my friend and great supporter! If it weren't for Cristi, our story and the need to get these unborn kids protected would not be out there. She has connections in the drug world!!!! LOL

My talk went spectacular! It was my 3rd presentation this fall and definitely the best! I teared up ONE time but didn't cry. I really tried to reach out and get this group to help these unborn babies not suffer the abuse my kids did! I hope they heard me. Thanks to Liz and Marjean, I was able to change my presentation to an earlier time and book an earlier flight home with my friends Cristi and Loretta. ME & CRISTI CAIN!

I was able to be home Wednesday night before all the kids went to bed! Cristi thinks I will get a lot of requests to speak after this conference. We will see :)

I am very thankful for a supportive husband and family! I hope to one day get my kids involved in this effort also. I pray the Keller family will make an impact on drugs and drug endangered children!

Now I'm just back at the farm, sitting in my nightie, drinking coffee back to being a normal ol' mom........just the way I like it!

BTW if any of you have ideas on how we can "get our story out there" to get more exposure so we can get this law passed in the spring PLEASE let me know! Thanks


Kelly said...

What you are doing is a great thing. God knew just who to choose to give those babies to. You have a tremendous calling on your life. Thank you for answering that call and doing all you can to help these unborn victims. I will pray for you.

Cindy Ashworth said...

I wanted to come back and thank you for visiting my blog and responding. I would love to talk with you about something this issue and others as well. I feel you are a very concerned parent and everyone needs to be. Feel free to email me since I can't seem to find your email... LOL. I really would like to talk with you.


JourneytoFamily said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Always nice to meet other adoptive families!

Ronnica said...

Sounds like you have a very interesting and important job. Thanks for doing it!

Manette said...

Your dream of passing a law to protect our children is a spectacular goal. I wish I could help. In the mean time I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your dream may come true.