Saturday, March 6, 2010

22 Weeks & 1st Gift

Baby Nineya got her first gift yesterday from a dear
friend of mine who is also pregnant!
We prayed for each other for a long time that
we would be able to be pregnant
at the same time and WOWZERS-we are! PTL!
I thank God for supportive friends-ones who will truly pray for you
AND support you having your 8th child and NOT think you're NUTS!
Friends who know & support that embryo adoption is a beautiful thing,
Friends who think children are a blessing, not a burden,
Friends who think that The Captain & I are capable of loving all 8 children!
Friends who don't judge us for following God's plan for our family.

I'm 22 weeks today-I'm getting OUT THERE!
I feel great and have my appointment with the nephrologist on Thursday.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Definitely praying for you! I LOVE the fact that you are willing to listen to God's calling in having 8 children! Maybe because that is where we are? It is a true BLESSING! So happy for you, and praying for health!!!!

The Anglin Family said...

You are looking so cute. So happy for you that you are able to carry such a blessing. :-)
They are precious gifts and I don't think you're nuts..:-) When I became pregnant with # four, I got alot of hurtful comments about that being too many. Even had family think it was a blessing I lost the baby. I don't understand people! You are an amazing woman!! And you are lucky to have such a house full!

quilt-n-mama said...

We are so excited for you guys and praying!Congrats on being over 1/2 way to this sweet little one arriving!

We'll especially be praying for good news at your appointment on Thurs. I was in the big city last night and spent a few hours with my friend, Marsha. One of the issues with her is kidney related.


Adeye said...

Look how gorgeous you look!!!!!

Simply stunning :)

Love the sweet little outfit too!

Love and hugs, friend.

*Overflowing* said...

Adorable outfit! Look how cute you are!! Praying for your next appt. Hugs, stacy

Ana-Lou said...


I Praise the Lord for you and YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!!!
I know without a doubt how LOVELY are the feet of them that bring good news . . . and LIFE!!

You Look wonderful and GLOWING with JOY!!! Praise the King of KINGS!!!

StarfishMom said...

You look WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyLinda said...

You look great! And what a gorgeous little outfit :-)

John Deere Mom said...

Love the pregnancy updates. You and your bump are so cute!

Pink Slippers said...

You are ADORABLE. Exciting!!!

Stacey said...

you look WONDERFUL!!!! Praying for you...

Roo said...

hi there...i randomly found your blog tonight though i don't think it was "coincidence" at all. i think i was meant to read your story. i have been impacted.
adoption is something heavy on my heart.i live in canada and have 2 small daughters of my own but feel my family andi will be travelling a similar path. please pray for us...if you think of us. xo shalom toyou. sooo blessed by your life.